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SEA Currents: Corwith Cramer

July 30, 2014

Dolphin Serenade

Buckley Willis, Rhodes College


Dolphins seen from the bow, Gulf of Cadiz

36° 42.6’’ N x 07° 54.5’’ W
100° PSC
W x S 2 kts.
W x S ½ ft.

Hello and Welcome back!
You happen to be joining us here on our last night out at sea. And what a night it has shaped up to be! There is a clear horizon unlike any we’’ve seen thus far, which means that a “green flash” at sunset is highly likely. This is one of nature’s most mysterious and awe-inspiring moments and we have all been counting down the seconds until the wondrous emerald green explosion shoots across the sky like the spidery fingers of a roman candle.

We had the pleasure of meeting a gentle pod of dolphins which, to our delight, ended up guiding us off our bow like the reindeer on Santa’‘s sleigh. One could almost hear the sweet jumpy notes of a pan flute whispering softly as Whoopie Goldberg narrates the legend of the common dolphin. I’’m blown away by the thought that I might have never experienced that moment had I never discovered this wonderful program.

Lauren, the head Steward, has been on fire in the galley, preparing dishes of all flavors. We’‘ve had curry noodles accompanied by a mango pepper chutney, fresh French toast that could have challenged any baker back on the shores of Douarnenez, and a chicken parmesan that only years of preparation and experience can create. Truly magnificent. Our chief engineer and musical leader, Tom, has been blessing our ears with all the bittersweet melodies of Fado music which he picked up while ashore in Lisbon. For those of you who don’‘t know, Fado is a traditional Portuguese music that holds many similarities to Flamenco, but has an element most closely related to what we consider blues. Some of us had the pleasure of not only listening to real authentic Fado, but to also watch Tom step up and serenade an entire restaurant with the sweet stylings of pure, American banjo.

The rest of the crew have been performing at top notch skill and, though we are more than excited to experience Cadiz and all that it has to offer, we are having to face the hard truth that our trip nears its end. I know I cannot speak for all of us, but I feel certain to say that this has been a truly unbelievable, unforgettable trip, and that we have all grown in knowledge and wisdom over the past month thanks to our fabulous crew and captain. I’’d like to thank SEA Semester for its wonderful organization, and give a quick shout out to my family and Mr. Kyle: I cannot wait to tell you of all the many great things I’’ve seen and experienced! See y’’all soon!

Your crustaceous classmate,

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