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June 08, 2017

8 Things You Can Do for World Oceans Day!

Jessica Donohue, SEA Research Assistant

SEA Semester

SEAScape students at a Woods Hole beach cleanup.

This World Oceans Day, the focus is on encouraging solutions to plastic pollution, and preventing marine litter.

At SEA, we’ve been studying plastic pollution for a long time. The plastic we study is collected in our neuston nets floating at the surface of the open ocean.  Mostly, we find microplastics (pieces less than 5mm in diameter, usually broken down from larger objects).

It’s a serious problem, impacting marine life and degrading marine environments.

Usually, it’s not possible to tell where these microplastics come from. But when we do beach cleanups, what we find most are single-use plastics (disposable bottles, straws, bags and food containers). 

That’s why we recommend that people limit how much single-use plastic they consume – and always reduce, reuse and recycle.

Here are a few easy steps YOU can take to make a positive impact on the plastic pollution problem facing our oceans. 

  1. Drink from reusable coffee mugs and water bottles.
  2. Shop with reusable grocery and produce bags.
  3. Say “no!” to plastic straws (or bring your own reusable one).
  4. Don’t accept plastic or foam take-out containers. Bring your own.
  5. Carry a set of travel silverware – don’t use plastic forks and spoons.
  6. Think about packaging when making purchases – buying in bulk can save a lot of plastic.
  7. Pick up litter anywhere you find it.
  8. Participate in (or organize!) beach cleanups.

The health of our oceans is so important, and you can make a difference.  Please spread the word!

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