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June 15, 2018

SEA to Host Ned Cabot Marine Biodiversity & Conservation Symposium

SEA Semester

SEA Semester Class C-279

Sea Education Association
7th Annual Ned Cabot Marine Biodiversity
& Conservation Symposium:
"Seeking a Sense of Place in the Sargasso Sea"

Friday, June 15, 2018, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
SEA, 171 Woods Hole Road, Falmouth, MA

This one-day symposium is the capstone experience for students from SEA Semester class C-279, Marine Biodiversity & Conservation. The event includes oral presentations of the students' science, policy and conservation research to a panel of invited experts, and contributes directly to international effort to protect the Sargasso Sea.  Student presentations will be interspersed with related talks given by some of the invited participants. The public is invited to attend. Space is limited.

About the MBC Program

MBC takes a multidisciplinary problem and place-based approach to ocean education. During the twelve weeks leading up to the Symposium, MBC students engaged in a daunting adventure to document the biodiversity and characterize the principle human uses of, benefits from, and impacts on the health and stability of the Sargasso Sea ecosystem. After four weeks of framework building, students gained hands-on experience with morphological and molecular methods for assessing marine biodiversity, and developed an understanding of the theoretical and practical applications of ecosystem services in marine conservation in a five-week research cruise from Nassau, Bahamas to New York City. The final three weeks of the semester were spent completing analysis and interpretation of their original biodiversity data, and preparing symposium presentations that address the challenge of communicating a sense of place for this environmentally important area.

Sea Education Association is deeply grateful to the Cabot family for their support of the 2018 Ned Cabot Marine Biodiversity & Conservation Sargasso Sea Symposium in Ned's honor.  


0900-­‐‑0910: Welcome, Program Overview and Introductions

0910-­‐‑0930: Student Introduction and Broader Context

History of the Sargasso Sea

0930-­‐‑0950: Student Presentation 1: Sargasso Sea History and Legends, Alena Anderson, Dani Hanelin, Geoffrey Gill, Mason Martinez

0950-­‐‑1010: Invited Speaker: Chris Pastore

1010-­‐‑1025: BREAK

Science of the Sargasso Sea

1025-­‐‑1045: Student Presentation 2: Science, Aquanette Sanders, Jenny Renee, ScoW Waller

1045-­‐‑1105: Invited Speaker: Annette Govindarajan

1105-­‐‑1140: Panel Discussion: Kate Mansfield, Amy Siuda, Irina Rypina, Simon Thorrold

1140-­‐‑1200: Intro to MBC Student Research Projects

1200-­‐‑1300: Lunch and Poster Session

Communication and the Sargasso Sea

1300-­‐‑1320: Student Presentation 3: Communication, Alex Merkle-Raymond, Gwendolyn Nahnsen, Kendra Ouellette, Karina Wells

1320-­‐‑1340: Invited Speaker: Anne-­‐‑Marie Runfola

1340-­‐‑1415: Panel Discussion: Communication, Kevin Chu, Joe Costa, Tonna-­Marie Surgeon‑Rogers

1415-­‐‑1430: BREAK

Conservation and the Sargasso Sea

1430-­‐‑1450: Student Presentation 4: Conservation, Emily Brady, Carly Carter, Faye Gagnon

1450-­‐‑1510: Invited Speaker: Joe Appiott

1510-­‐‑1530: Panel Discussion: Conservation, Tundi Agardy, Elizabeth De Santo, Tess Mackey

Policy in the Sargasso Sea

1530-­‐‑1605: Panel Discussion: Policy, Priscilla Brooks, Lynn Fegley, Angela Somma,Tammy Warren

1605-­‐‑1625: Concluding Statement

Invited Conservation Policy and Science Professionals

Tundi Agardy, Sound Seas

Joe Appiott, Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat

Dan Brayton, Middlebury College

Priscilla Brooks, Conservation Law Foundation

Kevin Chu, Sea Education Association

Joe Costa, Buzzards Bay Commission

Elizabeth DeSanto, Franklin and Marshall University

Lynn Fegley, Maryland Dept. of Marine Fisheries

Annette Govindarajan, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Tess Mackey, Sargasso Sea Commission

Kate Mansfield, University of Central Florida

George McManus, University of Connecticut

Chris Pastore, SUNY Albany

Anne-Marie Runfola, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

Iris Rypina, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 

Amy Siuda, Eckerd College

Angela Somma, NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources

Tonna-Marie Surgeon-Rogers, Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Simon Thorrold,  Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Tammy Warren, Government of Bermuda 

MBC Faculty Team

Kerry Whittaker, PhD., SEA, Oceanography

Porter Hoagland, PhD., SEA, Ocean Policy

Jason Quilter, SEA, Captain/Nautical Science

Grayson Huston, SEA TA


Alena Q Anderson, University of California, San Diego

Emily Brady, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Caroline Carter, Longwood University

Beth Gagnon, Western Oregon University

John Geoffrey Gill, College of Charleston

Daniella Nicole Hanelin, Mount Holyoke College

Mason Martinez, Macalester College

Alexandra Katharine Merkle-Raymond, Northeastern University

Gwendolyn Sloane Nahnsen,  American University

Kendra Lynn Ouellette, Bennington College

Jennifer Renee, University of Washington

Aquanette Sanders, University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Scott Johnston Waller, Middlebury College

Karina Wells, University of California, Santa Cruz

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