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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 04, 2016

Whose Line is It, Anyway?

Francesca Korte, B Watch, Wellesley College


A before picture of Chef Tehani with our yummy lunch

Ship's Log

Current Position
18°39.2’ S x 173°59.1’W

docked in Vava’u

hot and humid, clear skies, slight breeze

Souls on Board

Greetings from Vava’u!  Mama Seamans made her way into Tonga at roughly 1300 this morning.  Barely recovered from dawn watch, which ended at 0700, I forced my sleepless self from my bunk and up on deck to join my shipmates in their eagerness to reach land.  It is now 1552, and I sit in the on-board library writing this as a few Tongan customs agents are guided throughout our floating home by our Captain Jay.

Us students seem to be acclimating well to life at sea.  Even the once-rampant motion sickness has died down quite a bit (thanks, Meclazine!). It seems that everyone is entirely focused on savoring the experiences we are having together, whether they be in the form of us hanging out on the quarterdeck playing instruments and singing, giggling over the swaying of the gimbled saloon tables during meals, or, dare I say it, walking around the deck of the ship struggling to learn our lines.  Frequently, we will turn to one another in awe of the realization that our lives currently consist of sleeping, learning, and sailing through the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Speaking of learning our lines: tomorrow at 0800, we have a line chase!  None of us are too sure of what a line chase actually entails, but from what we gather, it requires us knowing the names and locations of all
of the lines on the ship entirely and moving to and from them quickly.  It feels like there are  more lines than there is time to memorize; I feel comfortable speaking for everyone in that we are feeling the pressure to
absorb all of the material.  Luckily, our watch officers are not only awesome pro-crew members, but they are also super willing teachers.  We have all the resources we need right on board (because who needs wifi, right?)!

I would also like to update our devoted blog followers by letting you all know that our own Tehani, the very shipmate who noticed the tugging at the fishing line yesterday, ended up assisting our steward, Bex, in preparing fish tacos for lunch today!  As fun as the gorgeous Mahi-mahi was to look at on the quarterdeck post-catch, I am much happier with the tasty fish in my tummy.  I am pleased to announce that all of the food on the ship has sufficiently satisfied both our appetites and our tastebuds.  My parents would probably find humor in the fact that the day that Bex made cheeseburgers and fries for lunch (AKA my go-to food), I was too sick to eat and had to sit out on that meal.  Good thing we are regularly served six meals a day…Bex would never let me go hungry!

Cheers to the continuation of our Polynesian adventure, and shout-out to my sister, Fishy, on her 19th birthday on October 2nd!  Sorry for the delay, the International Date Line is WEIRD. 

- Francesca

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#1. Posted by Heather Sieger on October 04, 2016

Hi Heather,

Hope things are going well on your South Pacific voyage - with studies, sea sickness, ship mates, learning to sail and everything else.

We’ve been reading the ship blogs about the open water, porpoise and whale sightings, sea sickness, local customs, etc. Sounds intense and amazing.

We’re doing well here. Were thrilled to get to see Abbey and Daniel’s new house, and got to Skype with Laura yesterday - she’s enjoying the fall apple harvest and excited about her prospective long term apprenticeship with John at super chilly.

Mom and I doing okay with work and such. The old birthday came and went. We took it easy on the actual Thursday and got take-out from a new Southwest Grill place that opened right next to Randall’s. It’s kind of like a Torchy’s or Chipotle grill. The next day we met up with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kathleen for a little Sherlock Holmes play up in Leander. There were scads of crickets dive bombing the audience and a few people struggled with a couple of their lines, but mostly it was pretty good.

Finally getting a break from the scorching Texas heat!  smile  Mornings in the 60’s, highs pretty much in the 80’s. Nice October weather, especially for having outside PE classes.

We’ll be excited to see your blog when it comes around, and hopefully you’ll have a little time to compose an email when you get into a port (Fiji??)

Hope all continues to be amazing, and that the inspirations and satisfactions outweigh any of the challenges.

Love ya; will write more later.



#2. Posted by Wes Krause on October 04, 2016

Hey Eliza, Welcome to land!  It must be nice after a few days at sea.  It’s fun to read the blogs and have a bit of an idea how life on the ship is going for you guys.  Sounds like a little sea sickness crept in there.  Wondering if you were affected?  Have fun..  Love you M & B

#3. Posted by Susie on October 04, 2016

Carissima Francesca,
che bello leggere di te e delle tue avventure! I just came onto the blog and caught up reading about your adjustment. I was at Wellesley on Saturday and your Italian profs all asked for you smile I’m sorry you were seasick, pumpkin! Let me know how the line chase goes. The fish is beautiful. I’m glad that you are not in the Caribbean, where Hurricane Matthew is wreaking havoc.

#4. Posted by Kurt Karsten on October 06, 2016

Hello to Emma! (And Emma too!) - we miss you tons, and are avidly following the blog! So exciting- can’t wait to hear in person about the night sky you’ve gotten to experience.  All is well in Annapolis- Conrad is hard at work and studying in his free time. Nora got a new car (and black 2016 Elantra - fully loaded) and she’s settling into work. Mom is doing well as am I. Shawn and Rocko are enjoying nephew Arthur, and Garrett has grown another foot! I hope you guys have a great visit in Tonga and get recharged for the next leg of your incredible voyage! We love you!!!

Dad, Mom, Conrad, Nora and Garrett

#5. Posted by Anne Korte on October 06, 2016

Hi Pumpkin!

Thoroughly enjoyed your blog and I can imagine your voice and facial expressions throughout!  You are so right that the irony regarding the missed cheeseburger meal is not lost on Daddy and me!  Poor thing…but I’m sure there’s a cheeseburger in your future…at least when you get home.  We are in awe of all that you are learning and experiencing…soak it in, and as always, we are so, so proud of you! 

I agree with Susie that, although I would have loved to have met up with you in the Caribbean, I’m glad you’re not dealing with Hurricane Matthew.  Also, great picture of the “catch of the day.”  I’ll have tell tell Pedro next time I see him—I bet he wishes he had that catch for his fish tacos!

Nice shout-out to Felicia for her 19th, which was also her first official day of practice.  You’re a good big sis.

We all love you and miss you!

ya mutha

PS:  Tell Eliza I thought of her yesterday when I walked by Thompson Safaris…wondering if I should go in and drop her name…lol.

#6. Posted by Tashina Roy Choudhury on October 06, 2016

Happy birthday! I don’t need to tell you to have a fun day, you seem to be having a lot of those! The parents say they’re thrilled for you and they love you and they hope you’ve found your sea legs (that bit was mum!). Also don’t forget to pick up some fun Polynesian souvenirs for me!
Love Tina



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