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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 07, 2014

Welcome to Dunedin!

Roshni Mangar, A Watch, College of the Atlantic

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Land Ho!

Ship's Log

Current Position
45 52.7’ S x 170 30.8’ E

Cloudy, Windy and Cold.

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
Docked at Victoria Wharf in downtown Dunedin

Today we arrived in Dunedin after six days at sea and it is so beautiful ! A Watch was on deck as we first sighted land on the Mid Watch. Bow watch was incredible, it was a full moon and there was a beautiful reflection of the light on the water. The air was a bit cold but the Dusky dolphins surrounding us made up for it. In the morning, it was all hands on deck in order to help with field day and docking the boat. In addition to field day,
A Watch cleaned the reefer because of the mishap with the eggs. We took out all the mats and the crates and scrubbed them down and now the reefer is egg-free. When we docked, everybody helped around in furling the sails and making sure everything looked presentable on the boat. Kendall, Anna, Sarianna, and I got a chance to go on the bow sprit to furl the jib, which was exciting.

After dinner, we had a beautifully decorated evening in the saloon. A couple of us and the crew members shared beautiful talents. Kelsey played the fiddle unbelievably well, everybody was amazed by this talent. Then we had Heather, Nina, Eli, and Kate play songs on the guitar which brought smiles on everybody’s faces. All of us then sang a sea shanty together and also had a round of jazz singing. During all of the amazing performances, Vickie made us some wonderful food, this included yummy hot chocolate and a snack consisting of a biscuit with chocolate and whip cream. We are all looking forward to exploring this new port and learning about its history.

Lots of love to Mama, Papa and Preethi. Miss you all very much. Love you soo soo much and I hope all is well on your end. Love you, Molu.

Lots of love and happiness to everybody reading this,

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#1. Posted by Grace Mangar on December 10, 2014

Hi Roshni
absolutely thrilled to read your write up on Dunedin and the grand time you are having on sea with sea creatures and peers. I see you are soaking in every bit of this exciting trip along the coast of New Zealand.

Plenty going on with elections in Mauritius, Papa in Reunion island and Preethi busy with IB Auth process!

Hope you read my other messages!

Love you loads



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