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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 04, 2015

We Love It Here, But We Miss A Few Things…

Lillian Robinson, University of Vermont

Courtesy of Thomas, a beautiful sunset in St. Martin, where the harbor of Marigot is visible.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
17°06.19’N x 062° 43.62’W

Anchored off Nevis Island

Ship Heading (degrees)
We are at Anchor….

Ship Speed (knots)

Taffrail Log (nm)
833.7 as of noon

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan
at 1300, clear skies, winds between 17-21 knots out of the ExN, waves were 4-5 feet

Souls on Board

Hello People of Land and those with Internet at Sea!
Lillian here.  At the moment, (that moment being 1600 on March 4th) we are anchored off Nevis Island. We have stopped in this nice little cove to take a break from gybing back and forth so our crew can rest up and get ready for the short but most likely rough sail to Montserrat. If you have been following our blog, you may have seen that winds and waves have been rather high, between 17 and 25 knots (Google the conversion to miles per hour) and they are only predicted to build through the night. Since we are a bit ahead of schedule with our sailing, we have used the time to practice our sail handling by gybing back and forth (15 times in the last 24 hours) to stay in
the lee of St. Kitts and Nevis Island where the winds are still strong, but the land blocks the swells.  Once we get underway this evening around 2200, we can absolutely expect to have the larger swells associated with the wind
speeds we’ve been seeing. So yeah, here comes weather. But the good news is our Captain is predicting we will arrive in Montserrat by dawn tomorrow (March 5th) so we only have a few hours to endure swells that cause people to get airborne in their forward bunks.

The past few blogs have focused a lot on Science and the Blow by Blow account of the day. No offense to science (sorry Jeff) or the ship (sorry Cramer) but today I thought I’d ask some of our students and crew what they were most looking forward to and what they missed most about home. We have been sailing for only 14 days, (but ask anyone onboard and they would say you were lying through your teeth) and we have a good rhythm and routine. BUT it should be made very clear that that rhythm and routine are very different from shore life. For example, the concept of ‘yesterday’ does not really exist on this boat. It is more like ‘last watch’ or ‘yeah I did that
at some point, but I can’t tell you when’. If you asked someone on board what they did yesterday, they probably wouldn’t be able to figure out when they were even awake yesterday.

So here are some of the answers that people came up with for what they are most looking forward to in the coming weeks on the trip:

Julio is looking forward to completing his oceanography project on fish distribution along our cruise track, and talking to his parents in Italy, next time he has a chance.

Harmony is looking forward to every single port stop.

Nicole is looking forward to comparing the plants of the different islands to her home island of Luzon.

Sam W is looking forward to hiking in Dominica, he’s heard some cool stories.

Sam B is really looking forward to seeing the volcano on Montserrat. 

Corey is looking forward to going aloft to the topsail yards.

James is looking forward to exploring Montserrat and aggressively proclaiming his Irish-ness.

Thomas is looking forward to learning more about public education throughout Montserrat, Dominica and Grenada. Also seeing Dillon Hudson and bumpin’ the new ICP album.

Rob is looking forward to setting the square sails of the Cramer.

Emily is looking forward to exploring Montserrat post-volcano, Kalinago reserve on Dominica, climbing the rigging, and learning more about stars and  constellations.

Sarah T is looking forward to celebrating her and Sarah S’s Birthdays, as they fall right next to each other and visiting Montserrat.

Molly is looking forward to learning more about island religions, more sailing and going aloft.

Annie is looking forward to the Irish-ness of Montserrat and to James aggressively proclaiming his Irish-ness.

Kat is looking forward to the day when we get to set all or most of the Cramer’s sails.

Kathie is looking forward to getting to Montserrat and exploring the community there. Also she thinks Dominica will be dope.

Tanner is looking forward to Montserrat.

Nick is looking forward to volcanoes and whales!

Marissa is looking forward to seeing more dolphins on our cruise.

Sarah S is looking forward to Montserrat and exploring the volcanic island, and celebrating her birthday with Sarah T. Sarah S is turning 28 and Sarah T is turning 21, both big Birthdays!

Kirsten is looking forward to when students become Junior Watch Officers, JWOs.

Jeff is looking forward to seeing old friends on Dominica and Grenada and meeting new ones in Montserrat.

Cassie is looking forward to seeing cool things on different islands.

Matt is excited to continue to voyage south & to explore Dominica and Grenada.

Craig is looking forward to seeing friends in Dominica and Grenada.

Max is looking forward to transplantation.


Now to what people miss most about home (because we are on a boat here people):

Julio misses his family, the comfort and smell of his home and Billy Boo.

Sam W misses his dogs and music.

Sarah T misses family, friends and her bed (don’t we all!)

Kathie misses her cats, Vietnamese food and music.

Thomas misses so much! From Eugene Brian Steveson, Burrito Boy, his good bike and his mom. From Carleton 4th Cassat, chicken strips with honey mustard, his not-so-good bike, and the pool tables in upper Sayles.

Molly misses her family, her bed and her shower.

Sam B misses his bed and his dogs.

Annie misses Zamboni and Lucy, veggie burgers, yoga, ozone food, Union, candy and caprese salad.

Kat misses her beach days, surfing, beach nights, spinning fire with Mikey, her bed and her sweet Mama!

Jeff misses family, friends, and a special, beautiful little rose. 

Nicole misses mangos from home.

Kirsten misses her friends at home.

Rob misses running every day and sleeping every night.

Corey misses the blood of his blood and those who don’t, and a nice walk in the woods (as we are limited by a 130ft deck).

Emily misses her dogs, regular showers, regular cardio, hiking and plants.

James misses Georgetown, ME, pine trees, family movie night and his friends at Stonehill.

Harmony wishes her family and friends could also have the opportunity to enjoy all the amazing experiences she is lucky enough to have. She also misses bears.

Sarah S misses her family, her mom, dad, Slamers, Brynner and the Batistas. She also misses her West Philly Home, sitting on the porch with her roomies and watching the day pass by

Tanner misses his motorcycle, Azzarla region, and people he likes wherever he goes.

Marissa misses Gilli (her dog), Chich, Mama, Papi, peeps down under, the EA crew, MCWRC and skim milk.

Cassie DOES NOT MISS SNOW but she misses her boyfriend.

Toni misses her fambam (mom, dad, J and Anders) and skiing

Nick misses Skiing, climbing, and general VCAC adventuring as well as his friends and family.

Matt misses family and friends and nordic skiing in a (hopefully) snow-covered Minnesota.

Craig misses his wonderful family (even the drooling and smelly dog, Betsy).

Sean misses having Tea at Dory House with friends and family.

Max misses dirt the most! He is dying to get in some dirt. If it has not already been explained, Max is the ship’s pet aloe plant…yes, we have a pet aloe plant.

So those are some of the things people are looking forward to and miss. As for me, I am looking forward learning about the after effects of the volcanic eruption on Montserrat and Landsickness. I miss my mom Kathy (and her cooking), my sister Charlotte, my dog Ivy, my dad Bill, all my friends at UVM (especially 1064 and 430 folks), my two best friends Olivia and Maddie and taking regular showers without brushing my hair on deck. Well, that’s a bit into the psyche of our student and crew’s minds. Hopefully, we will all get to see and do amazing things in the future.

- Lillian

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#1. Posted by Becky on March 05, 2015

Excellent blog Lillian…. a bit of insight into crew dynamics.  Everyone maintaining a sense of humor in the face of hard work and the unknown. Happy Birthday to the Sarah(s).

Kathleen, you know I have a tear in my eye. Woof Woof!

Looking forward to following the continuing saga of the Corwith Cramer.

#2. Posted by Stacey on March 05, 2015

Tea at Dory House!!  Best Tea ever!

#3. Posted by Susan Reardon on March 05, 2015

That was such a fun blog, Lillian! Loved hearing about what you look forward to and what you miss. If I could generalize for the families and pets whom everyone misses - they miss you back!!! xoxox

Susan, Ed, Lucy and Zamboni

#4. Posted by Billy Burger on March 06, 2015

Wow.  What an adventure…  Great love and Blessings to you all.



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