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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 14, 2015

Valentine’s Day “Family Fun Excursion”

Jessica Freedman, C Watch, University of Rhode Island

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Emily and David loving The SSV Robert C. Seamans on Valentine's Day. Photo Credit: Jenny

Ship's Log

Current Position
Great Barrier Island

Sunny and windy with generous swells

Souls on Board

My last day in Port Fitzroy began with a wonderful 0014 Happy Birthday wake up from Jenny, a traditional apple vinegar birthday shot with our wonderful Steward, Lauren and a birthday hongi from Scoop.

After breakfast and the first happy birthday singing of the day, we took advantage of the nice weather with a "Family Fun Excursion" on land led by Sarianna and Stu. After packing up our pumpkin muffins and water, Will and Willie zipped us over to land in the rescue boats. We first did a transect of the intertidal zone, led by Adelle to observe rocky shore marine species. There was a lot of "Neptunes Necklace," a type of brown seaweed that looks like strings of beads, as well as some Half Crabs, snails and a Cushion Star. Soon after, Tyler and I came across a dark and creepy cave, which went unexplored due to my insufficient flashlight.

Our excursion continued as we made our way up a steep, gravely incline through a path in the woods. Here we observed "slips"-what many of us would call landslides. Also, the cicadas were very vocal and I found a few molts on trees and the ground. After bouncing across a suspension bridge on the path, we came across a river with orange and green mystery algae and light purple-colored rocks. 

Shortly after arriving back on the Seamans, we set sail and are now underway for Russell.

During my watch today, which was 1300-1900, Molly, assistant Steward for the day, asked if anyone was willing to help her with dishes. Thankfully, I volunteered as anticipated since my shipmates were waiting in the saloon with cupcakes to surprise me with another singing of Happy Birthday.

There were also spottings of between 5-9 pilot whales off the Starboard side to thanks to Maravilla's keen eye. 

My day began with a shooting star and ended with a vision of the Neuston net through my porthole, glowing bright green as it was towed through the phosphorescent sea.  Needless to say, a fantastic day and a memorable birthday.

Happy Birthday/Valentine's day to my Dad. Hello to Aunt Jen and Aunt Laura

- Jessica

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#1. Posted by Ken Freedman on February 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to you as well Jess. Not quite the same celebrating it without you but we will make up for it soon!

It sounds like you are having a great trip and I look forward to hearing more about all the wildlife you are meeting (you know how I like the Cicadas) on your adventure. Enjoy the warmth. It is all about perspective as our 24 degrees today felt down right balmy!



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