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July 16, 2019

Trivia Night!

Lana Lines & Deni Loh, Brookline High School

SEA Semester

Above: Elisabeth, Jack, and Brynn presenting on chemical oceanography; below: Jill and RA Lydia found a fun wood sculpture on their walk.

On this day, July 16th, we started with some bagels and cereal for breakfast. After doing our daily chores we headed to our first class, Oceans and Society. Today we learned about the transatlantic communications cable system that runs along the deep dark depths of the ocean floor. We used a website to find out about the towns and cities where different cable systems connect. After learning about transatlantic communications, we spent oceanography class learning about marine biology career opportunities and the stories of how three guest speakers got to where they are today. We heard of many inspiring stories, some knowing what they wanted to do and moving steadily toward their goal, and others meandering until they found what they loved. After class we were off to eat a delicious lunch of pasta and sides.

Right after lunch, we all presented our oceanography projects that we had been working on for the past two weeks. There were eight groups that presented, each with its own topic - physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, and human impacts - and although there was overlap in topics, each presentation was unique. We all summarized and analyzed what had we found on all our beach sampling visits. It was great to see the culmination of our oceanography course.

During free time, a group of us went to the beach, while some stayed back to work on our final projects. Then was the moment we’d been waiting for: trivia night. We split into watch groups and competed fiercely to win such prizes as picking the afternoon snack for tomorrow, and a bag of Swedish fish. It was a blast. The winning group picked ice cream, and since we will all get to enjoy it tomorrow afternoon, there are no hard feelings. During study hall, we worked on journal assignments, and our two final projects for Oceans and Society: a presentation and a drawing. Finally, Alex read a story and we were off to bed!

- Lana Lines & Deni Loh, Brookline High School

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