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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

Kellen McAuliffe, B Watch, Colgate University


(left to right): Claire the Farmer, Faith the Dino-gator, Sierra the Christmas tree, Katie the Copepod, Anna the Sea, and Sarah/Zero show off their Halloween costumes

Ship's Log

Current Position
31°19.1’S x 172°54.6’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
160° going 6.4 knots under the main stays’l, forestays’l, and jib

Force 7 winds from the ENE, 8-10 foot seas from ExN, cloudy and cold

Souls on Board

SEA Stories Podcast

It was a busy, fun-filled day aboard Mama Seamans today, mostly because it’s Halloween! Although most of us here, having not showered for a few days (guilty), could have passed for the stinkiest of ghouls and goblins, we mustered up all the creativity we had and produced some pretty clever costumes to celebrate the occasion. Some of my favorites were Claire and Sarah’s use of their foulies to become a farmer and Zero from Holes, respectively. Other honorable mentions include Katie’s rendition of one of the many Copepods we catch in our Neuston Tows, and Josh’s cow-print vest to create his “Jolly Rancher” look. Captain Jay went as a weather system and after a week of constant rain and clouds, that was the spookiest costume of them all.

But the fun did not stop there. We are a lucky bunch because Halloween also happened to fall on Field Day! We mustered on the quarter deck, rocking our costumes, prepared to give the Seamans the scrub down she so rightfully deserves. Before we did that, though, we had our weekly field day pump-up hype session. This week called for an inter-watch Veg off. The watches went face to face and did their best impressions of a vegetable and an adjective that described it. Claire and Sarah started the competition off strong with all too accurate characterizations of constipated cucumbers. The event really picked up when Tristan and Amy wowed the crowd with their spooky okra dances. Erin Adams and I finshed it off, acting like some really funkadelic eggplants.

After trying to think of SAT-level adjectives and the most obscure vegetables, we set off to clean our beloved home. I assumed my usual field day duty as the ship’s tall person and cleaned all of the forward overheads.
At six feet six inches, or six foot ridiculous as Jay likes to say, I find myself vertically disadvantaged at all hours on this ship. All hours but two, each week during field day, where I am in my element. That is not to say I don’t still hit my head on every possible corner, door-frame, or low hanging pipe. I have come to know them intimately these past few weeks, greeting them like old friends, if you happened to greet old friends with your forehead. At any  rate, no amount of brain damage could ever dampen my spirits on field day, especially when it’s Halloween and we are rewarded with candy afterwards.
Once the festivities had subsided it was back to the deck to continue on to New Zealand. It is hard to believe that in only a week’s time we will reluctantly step off the Robert C. Seamans and discover how to live on solid ground once more. I am excited to see what the land of the long white cloud has to offer but it is days like today aboard Bobby C that make me sad that I will ultimately have to say goodbye. I will forever be grateful to this ship and its crew for the incredible journey it has given me thus far.

- Kellen

P.S. Hi Mom, give the Huck dog a kiss for me.


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#1. Posted by Peggy McAuliffe on November 01, 2017

Great blog Kellen!  Sounds like everyone is enjoying the voyage and each other’s company despite the rough weather. Keep your head down (literally) and your spirits up and we will talk to you from New Zealand!




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