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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 24, 2014

Top Ten Lists

Mara Scallon, C Watch, Northeastern University


Above: A view from the RCS across the bay at Suva. Below: We found out that Fijians do drink Fiji water, and lots of it.

Ship's Log

Current Position
18° 07.9’S X 178° 25.6’E

Alongside in Suva, Fiji

Sail Plan
Alongside but prepare to set sail tomorrow

Rain showers all day with very rare appearances by the sun

As we begin thinking about setting sail for Auckland tomorrow, there are lists all over the boat to help us get underway, ranging from the Captain’s list (I’m imagining it includes important things like clearing customs,
plotting our course, and getting a good night’s rest, among other things) to the steward’s list for provisioning (my fingers are crossed that fresh okra, pineapple, and tomatoes make their merry way onto the Seamans) to the engineers’ list (it probably includes things like “efficiently dribble oil on machinery” and “turn on things that make lots of noise” and “share weird facts with the rest of the ship”) to our own personal lists (maybe it includes things like enjoying the last full day of no seasickness, staring down the wandering cats of the shipyard, and watching the leftover Diwali fireworks light up the Suva City sky).

So, for as many lists as we have here on board, I thought I would share some lists with you, dear readers. Here is a round of the “Top Tens” from S255.

Top Ten Things Different on RCS from Shore
1. Red lights (they help with retaining night vision)
2. Hygiene (we definitely have lower standards right now)
3. Gimbled tables (a few of us are sporting forehead bruises, myself included, though admittedly I am not sure if this is from the tables or smacking my head on my bunk shelf)
4. Vertigo (a rolling ship will do this to you)
5. Our food intake (we eat 6 times a day- it is delightful)
6. Our saltine consumption (it has skyrocketed from close to nonexistent to close to constant)
7. The number of crazy dreams we have (and of course, they’re all about each other and mucking up watch responsibilities)
8. The lack of time “plugged in” (we’ve forgotten that there is a world outside of RCS: Ebola? Nobel Peace Prizes? The World Series?? [That one really threw us for a loop])
9. Amount of time spent daydreaming (perfect activity for sciencing or sail handling)
10. Our appreciation of small and beautiful things (including but not limited to Nutella, sunsets, fresh sheets, and choosing a new book)

Top Ten Favorite Snacks
1. Frozen bananas with chocolate
2. Peanut butter balls
3. Coffee crumb cake
4. Cinnamon apples
5. Root beer floats
6. Soursop (a local fruit which tastes like sour candy)
7. Banana oat chocolate chip cookies
8. Cheez-Its
9. Banana bread
10. Irish soda bread

Top Ten Most Smelled Smells
1. Sleepy Hollow (aka Stinky Hollow)
2. Ripe bananas
3. Fresh bacon
4. Sunblock
5. Diesel (mostly during port stops since we dock in shipyards)
6. Formalin/Formaldehyde (we get to preserve cool critters in science!)
7. Saltwater
8. Spices kept in dry stores
9. Our Futunian leis from the ceremony with the king
10. Envirox (critical to keep the ship clean)

Top Ten Favorite Nautical Words
1. Baggywrinkles (act as chafe guards high on the lines)
2. Reefer (refrigerator)
3. Raffee (sail)
4. Sheet home! (striking the tops’l)
5. Gybe (maneuver to change direction)
6. Weighenough
7. That’s well (say it quickly to appreciate its sound: “thatswell”)
8. Marlinspike
9. Forestays’l (fore staysail; sail located towards the front of the ship)
10. Focs’l (forecastle; front belowdecks part of the ship)


Top Ten Things to Do Before Leaving Port
1. Send postcards
2. Skype and use wifi
3. Shower since you won’t ricochet around the shower
4. Seasick medicines
5. Stock up on local snacks
6. Shop for souvenirs
7. Sleep for extended periods of time
8. Swim when possible
9. Spend time listening to music
10. Sing with ukulele and guitar accompaniment

Top Ten Favorite Off-Watch Activities
1. Group deck showers
2. Sleeping
3. Island exploring
4. Guitar jam sessions
5. Sitting on the furled forestays’l
6. Reading on the quarterdeck
7. Bananagrams
8. Pillow talk
9. Finding solitude in your bunk
10. Complaining about sunburns and/or seasickness

Thinking of my friends and family, and giving a loud shoutout to those with October birthdays (Kelly, Kelsey, Brooke, and Ryan)! Love to all, and know that yes, I am going absolutely crazy not being able to run. Ack!

- Mara

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