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August 04, 2019

Tie dye day!

Cece Dunham & Claire Cohenuram, Wahconah Regional High School & Fairfield Warde High School

SEA Semester

Above: Hiking group! Below: Group hug for Diego's last night.

Today was a non-academic day, so it was full of so much fun. Some of us got up this morning at nine to make ice cream in B house, but others slept in till ten. We then had a delicious brunch of eggs, bagels, bacon, potatoes, and fruit salad. After cleaning up from brunch we began our next exciting activity of the day, TIE DYE! We all huddled around a tarped picnic table and began spreading the die on our shirts. Once we were cleaned up from our tie-dye we got ready to either go into Falmouth to walk around the town, or go on a nature hike.

The students who went to town went to our favorite coffee shop, Coffee Obsession and got pastries from the patiseria down the street. The nature walkers got to encounter many dogs on their hike, and toss the ball to them which excited both them and the dogs. They then went to a beautiful garden. When everyone returned we had a fun competition of trivia in the Madden Center. Dolphin watch took the crown of this fun game. After trivia we went back to our houses and got ready for dinner.

Tonight's dinner was a sad for us all because it was a Diego themed dinner, and our dear friend Diego leaves us tomorrow :((( In his honor we had his favorite food: ramen noodles and enjoyed a lot of laughs at his last dinner with us. We then played together outside even when it started to pour rain. We then went back up to the Madden Center where two of our peers Gracie and Kelly presented each student and RA with a funny award personalized to who they are. After much laughter at these awards we played manhunt together throughout the building which again made for a ton of laughing. It was then time to settle down and do our work during study hall, finishing our assignments due this week.

- Cece Dunham, Wahconah Regional High School & Claire Cohenuram, Fairfield Warde High School

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