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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 23, 2014

Three Kinds of Fun

Susanna Keilig, C Watch, Roger Williams University


Above: Holly, Kate, and Mara poolside at the Grand Pacific Hotel Below: Mara, Hugh, Monica, and I after climbing Mt. Korababa

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18° 07.9’S X 178° 25.6’E

Docked at Suva, Fiji

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Overcast and rainy (hello humidity)

Between many of my shipmates and I there has been an ongoing understanding about the ‘three kinds of fun’ that one can find in life. First, there is the fun found in reading a book, watching TV, and relaxing with friends and family.  Second, there is the more thrilling fun found from bungee jumping, partying, or exploring new places.  This has been one revisited by students and crew throughout the trip, especially when alongside port.  I believe the third kind of fun is the most difficult to fully comprehend, but probably one I will better understand by the end of my SEA involvement.  This is the kind of fun that is most likely miserable while experiencing it (i.e. scrubbing the galley sole, doing an intense workout, or straining under the weight of hauling a sail).  Turns out these activities, after completion, can be seen as extremely fun and rewarding. With this is mind, it is quickly coming to the point where most of the once mundane ship-handling activities are now quite entertaining and fulfilling.

However, that does not go to say that I have lost appreciation of the, most often overlooked, first category of fun.  Today, I specifically had the opportunity to revisit the first kind of fun by having a relaxing day pool-side at the Grand Pacific Hotel.  Due to the publicly celebrated holiday of Diwali, everything was closed down, and my comrades and I found it appropriate to take our first real mental break since joining the ship back in September.  I don’t think I have ever had a higher gratitude for simply reading a book (The Lord of the Rings) and going for a leisurely swim while also able to catch up on my emails (all 150 of them) that had stocked up since the beginning of the trip.  In this way, it is certainly true just how important balances in life can be.  It is also certainly true that I grow even more like the hobbits I read about every day: in need of varying adventures, thrills and hard work, but in the end, appreciative of the simpler things that life can bring.


Now don’t get me wrong, lazing around poolside at the hotel was absolutely fantastic: but I’m getting to something more than that.  What I mean, is that this first kind of fun is the meat of our lives.  Sure we have our thrills and struggles here and there, but it’s the more subtle everyday pleasures that will leave us either feeling empty or fulfilled.  Sure I can travel the world and see all these memorable places, but it’s the laughter I share with friends, the Bananagrams, the inside jokes, that will help turn me into a well-rounded individual.  In this way, it is true in another thing I’ve heard some of my shipmates saying: people truly make up an experience.

With that, I would like to put out a huge thank you to those who have made my SEA Semester truly worthwhile with the laughter, smiles, (and tears) we have shared.

- Susanna


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