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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 28, 2017

The World Around Me

Elisabeth Palmieri, C Watch, Union College

The Global Ocean

The Southern sky at night, Dawn watch

Ship's Log

Current Position
38° 57.5 S x 179° 04.0 E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
250°, 2.9 knots sailing

Calm seas with winds coming from the south at about 2 knots

Souls on Board

This morning I woke up for Dawn watch at midnight. This means I would be up until 0700 sailing, navigating and taking care of the boat. I was expecting another rough night watch of stormy seas and pitch black but was pleasantly surprised to be woken up to a beautiful sky bright with stars. Around 0200 I took over as lookout. Clipping in to the bow I knew this wouldn’t be as miserable as it was the time before. Without a cloud in the sky I had a beautiful view of the world around me. I could see the seas and the stars, distracting me from how cold and tired I was. There’s nothing which represents the magnitude of the world better than the night sky. While I was alone I saw at least five shooting stars and looked for any familiar constellations. As the boat headed forward and slapped the water it stirred some bioluminescence in the water. Their glow looked like stars in the water. Glowing flying fish occasionally fluttered over the waves, contributing to the magical atmosphere.

I was lucky enough to enjoy lookout later that watch during the last hour, starting at 0600. This allowed me to have a perfect view of the sunrise. The sky was still cloudless, allowing me to see all the colors clearly. What started off as a thin line of pink along the horizon transformed into a full sky of every color in the rainbow. Being at lookout gave me the opportunity to see the sun rise in its entirety. The beauty of the sky released a positive energy exciting me for the upcoming day.

- Elisabeth

P.S. Happy Birthday to my father!!!

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#1. Posted by Rich Palmieri on March 02, 2017

Hi Elisabeth,

Being able to share your experience was a great birthday present.


#2. Posted by Ludovica on March 04, 2017

Hi Elisabeth!!

We’re glad you are having such a good experience and can’t wait to see you soon and hear more about it!

Ludovica and Mom

#3. Posted by carmen de paola on March 05, 2017

Hi my love,
I spoke to nonnina and she sends her love.
We love and miss you dearly.
Baci da mamma e nonnina



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