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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 25, 2014

The Way to Windy Wellington

Laina Gray, A Watch, Canisius College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

The sky during morning watch (left) and Kate's celebratory arrival yoga, assisted by Chris (right). (Photos by Becky Konijnenberg)

Ship's Log

Current Position
41°17.1’S x 174°46.8’E

Overcast.  Cloud cover stratus and cumulus.  Winds steady 30, gusting to 50 knots.

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
All sails furled, ship is docked

The way to Wellington was not a steady sail, but the day began as all important days do. C Watch came on deck for the 0700 to 1300 watch, greeted by the morning sun driving away the cloud cover and fog banks. But as the cliché goes, it was the calm before the storm. What began as a day beautiful enough for a carousel and Neuston tow quickly became a wet, rolling passage through the eastern side of Cook Strait (the waters that divide New Zealand’s North and South Islands). After lunch, A Watch took the deck. Less than an hour later, swells from multiple directions unsteadied the sea around us and the sun retreated behind a stratus-layered sky. Upon having completed pH, alkalinity, and Neuston net processing, the labbies (today’s
science team) were asked to help strike sails on deck.

“Hands to strike the stays’ls!”

I took the forestays’l downhaul at the bow. Some of my watch members joined on the line behind while others went to strike the mainstays’l. At the command from the Mate, we hauled away. The wind whipped, the waves rolled, and the spray spat in our faces. The sails came down quickly, then we wrestled to furl them. After a time below - warming up, snacking on chips
and dip, and working on homework - the ship’s motion steadied and the wind died down. A Watch was called back on deck.

Grey skies and immense fog.  Calm.

We helped dock the ship in our quiet, lulling home for the next three days. Now, we rest in the harbor - rocking gently - for the first time in ten days. This is not Auckland, nor is it the restless sea. We are surrounded by a familiar yet distant urbanity nestled in soft hills of green. The Seamans will spend tonight alongside Queens Wharf in Wellington - New Zealand’s windy city.

- Laina

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#1. Posted by David Gray on November 25, 2014

Hey Laina,

Thanks for the update.

Somebody needs to give us a glossary of nautical terms so we can know what you’re talking about.  Should we trust Wikipedia?

Here’s an earworm for you all:

“Who’s peekin’ out from under a stairway
Calling a name that’s lighter than air
Who’s bending down to give me a rainbow
Everyone knows it’s Windy”

#2. Posted by Lisa Morneault on November 25, 2014

Hi Kate!!! Sounds like quite an adventure! Can’t wait to hear from you! Miss you!
Great yoga position!

#3. Posted by Ali Ziel on November 25, 2014

So glad we get to hear about your adventures from across the world ! Sounds so exciting. I bet you’d get along fine in PoC with all this boat knowledge. Can’t wait to read more !  xx

#4. Posted by Alice Rodgers on November 25, 2014

Hello sunshine,

How lovely it was to read your writing again. Although whoa, I don’t know what I expected but dang do you sound super knowledgable about both life aboard a ship and the open ocean and her moods. I miss you terribly and I hope that you have found good friends with those you are sharing your time with at sea. I’m right with your dad in that I need to get myself a seafarer’s dictionary so I can understand your posts! I can’t wait to hear about where you are next, I’m imagining Hawaii but with taller mountains and wider valleys. Enjoy the views for me <3

Much love for you, always, and safe travels.
- Alice



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