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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 03, 2017

The Third Day: A Poem

Turi Abbott, B Watch, The George Washington University,

Ocean Exploration

A view for the seasick

Ship's Log

Noon Position
44°13.5’S x 178° 33.5’W

Description of Location
Chatham Rise

Ship Heading

Ship Speed
2.6 knots


Weather/Wind/Sail Plan
Today is a grey day. Stratus clouds with intermittent rain, winds from the SE, Beaufort force of 6, 14.4°C and 8 ft. waves. Four lowers and double reefed main.

Souls on Board

The seas are a churnin’,
The coffee might be burnin’,
But there is no time to fuss,
For the weather is coming for us.

Marcia turned twenty-one,
Even the seal thought it was quite fun.
There were cupcakes all around,
To get fat, we are bound.

Three kinds of shrimp were presented today.
Mysid, Euphausid, Caridean - find we may.
And a fourth went in our bellies,
As we sat in our foulies and wellies.

We haul on lines to become hunks,
Yet after watch we fall into our bunks.
The course ordered is 080-
If we can steer that, we’ll be a hero.

Followed by the Albatross,
Into the Western Hemisphere we cross.
Today we are a fishin’
For some tuna we are wishin’.

Into the head rigging I went.
Though nervous- that’s where I was sent.
When the water reached the net,
I literally got my feet wet.

Diane, Jana, and I write this poem for you,
As we sit on the quarter deck eating ramen for two.
We hope you enjoy our awkward story-
Stay tuned for the next recount of our upcoming glory.

- Turi

Categories: Robert C. Seamans,Ocean Exploration, • Topics: s272  life at sea • (2) Comments


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#1. Posted by Rachel on April 04, 2017

Hi JanaBanana,

Even though the author of this entry is Turi, I kept hearing the poem in your voice. Then at the end I laughed when I realized you actually took part in writing it. Anyway, I’m so proud of you and hope you’re having an amazing time. I miss you lots, and hopefully I’ll see an entry from you soon!


#2. Posted by Al Abbott on April 06, 2017

Awesome poem.  Awesome adventure.  Sail on high.  Proud Papa and Mama Here.



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