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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 26, 2017

The Suite Life: On Deck

Cullen Girolamo, B Watch, Kenyon College

The Global Ocean

Swim call, with White Island steaming in the background

Ship's Log

Current Position
37° 22.1’S x 177° 04.5’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Hove to

Partly Cloudy, Winds 7 knots South by West

Souls on Board

0300 was a little bit too late to have no ideas for today’s blog post. I had considered writing a very dry, comedic post about scientific deployment safety and had been putting off actually writing by taking a reading break above deck. That wasn’t going very well either. I was being distracted by the scenery. We had just come upon White Island, the most active volcano in New Zealand, which had a large cloud of steam coming from the middle of the island. It was the only land we’d seen in about two days and it was distracting me.

As I was staring, I heard Elliot’s voice come over the ship intercom: “anyone who’s interested in an afternoon swim, report to the quarterdeck in five minutes.” Everyone was really looking forward to an off-boat swim like this, but Elliot’s on-shore comment that it “might not happen” had dashed any active anticipation.

We all excitedly changed and gathered our things for an afternoon swim. It’s safe to say the swimming was some of the best of my life. The light-blue water was refreshing. Students and staff alike were jumping off the bowsprit into the clear, calm sea and having a grand old time.

A lot of life at sea is about the simple pleasures: the camaraderie, the gentle rock of the boat, not being too seasick. But swimming off the boat, with the volcano in the background and friends in tow, was one of the grand pleasures of life. Today we took a break from our schoolwork and watch schedule to live the sweet life.

- Cullen

PS: To PB+J and all my family reading I miss you and wish you could be here with me! To Annie, have a safe trip to Cape Town. It will be great.

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#1. Posted by carol lutes on February 27, 2017

So amazing!!! Thanks for sharing this story and picture!

#2. Posted by Liz & Greg Gmo on February 27, 2017

Sounds idyllic! And I love this pic! No wonder you, really anyone, would become distracted. Happy to hear you are having a wonderful time. Keep writing as we love to hear all about it. xo

#3. Posted by Peter & Kathleen Wasmer on February 28, 2017

This is such a grand adventure, so full of life! Enjoy, and soak it deep into your souls!

All of our love

Mom and Dad
Peter & Kathleen Wasmer

#4. Posted by The 5Seas of Reston on March 03, 2017

Big Cullen - awesome stuff.  Look forward to hearing all about it.  the 5 Seas



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