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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 07, 2017

The Soggy Socks Saga Continues…

Lydia Wasmer, A Watch, Colby College

The Global Ocean

Port Underwood, South Island NZ

Ship's Log

Current Position
41°17.115 S x 174°46.94 E

Docked at Queens Wharf, Wellington NZ

mid 70s, rainy…wet…quite wet…yet again during the day I am writing another blog

Souls on Board

Ah…let me begin by saying how lovely rain is. It is a mysterious thing. It has the power to slip into clothes and most annoyingly, you guessed it, my socks…again. We braved the Cook Strait (a.k.a. the vortex of doom…well…not really…but the ocean laughed at me when it sent a wave over the rail and soaked me). This trip has mostly been about trying to find new ways to keep my socks dry. Have not found a solution yet…I should just stop wearing socks altogether.

Anyways, we docked in Wellington at long last and at the first opportunity I leapt from the boat (nearly tripping on the gangplank that was hoisted too high…), started running, realized flipflops were a bad decision (actually tripped), and was out of breath in about 30 seconds of galavanting. Being on a boat with only ten feet of walkable space in any one direction…no really…made walking a new form of (bootcamp-like, cross-fit, that-one-guy’s-gym-exercise-that-makes-you-feel-bad-about-yourself) exercise.

And just like the last blog (I promise they are not the same) I ended up at Te Papa, a wonderful museum that has….drum roll…FREE WIFI! Again! I received 115 emails from my school (for those reading this blog at Colby, I do enjoy all the emails because they are very relevant to my life right now…). After “checking out” the museum (I sat in the café staring at a screen) I explored Wellington with my pals: Doug (Sierra), Grandma (’s her last name, relax), Grandpaw (Jen), Khaleesi the Finn (Anna J.), and Trudes (Kate T.). (For those at Colby that call me Linda…congrats…the nickname spread here…even Dr. Mr. Mother Duck Jeff calls me Linda now…).

We went in and out of shops (wallet flinches and starts shaking and cowering a bit) and we sat down to a nice Mexican meal. Jen could not pronounce half the words (sorry but I laughed harder than was probably necessary) so I had to translate (wow…those 8 years of Spanish really paid off…) and we ate some awesome food! Wellington is a gorgeous city with fantastic people, views, and food. If my wallet recovers, I will be doing some laundry tomorrow…my poor socks need a real bath.

- Lydia

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#1. Posted by Rick Lutes on March 10, 2017

I have enjoyed reading all of the blog posts. If it is Jen Lutes having issues with Mexican food just say taco bell. If there is a Kayak around have her do a few rolls!

From Deer Isle Maine
Fair Winds and Following Seas
Rick Lutes



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