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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

May 01, 2016

The Sea is My Home

John Quirk, A Watch, Brewster Academy

Ocean Exploration

Reaching new heights

Ship's Log

17° 43.4’ S x 150° 17.5’ W

Description of location
25 nautical miles away from Morea

Ship heading

Ship’s speed
8 kts


Weather/Wind/Sail plan
sailing on a starboard tack sailing under the stay’sl, top’sl, and the coarse. Winds SExS at a F6. Seas SExS at 8ft

Souls on Board

As every hour passes we get a few nautical miles closer to Tahiti, but all I can think about are the things I have learned while at sea. Almost everyone on board is looking forward for land in their own ways, some to just be able to communicate with love one, other look forward for their most desired foods. While everyone has their own reason to look forward for land we all are dreading the day as well. For the Robert C. Seamans has become a home not just for me but to everyone else on board.

We know every spot on board and all its quirks and kinks. We knew the sounds she makes, the good ones and even the bad ones. the Robert C. Seamans is our fortress of solitude, but soon we shall pass ways with her and look back at our times at sea. Life has become so accustom and natural out her. As the cycle goes on we get closer. As land gets closer I start to think of all the things I think ill miss. The sound of waves crashing against the hull right next to me bunk is definitely one of things I cherish most. It just the sound, it's so soothing and relaxing. The smell of the salty air is another one guilty pleasures that I have become accustom to and will definitely miss.

Line handling is something that I have fallen in love with. Setting and striking the jib has become my favorite thing to do. You always see me at the halyard. Two six heave has become not just a saying but a spark that lights the fire inside of me. Although setting the jib is fun I'd much rather strike it. The adrenaline rush you get when out on the bow sprit trying to furl the sail as the boat rocks up and down is just incredible. Along with going out on the bowsprit to furl or sea stow the sail,  anytime I get the order to set or strike a sail in high force winds with the rain coming down on me, and the spray from the waves crashing on top of me is by far another one of my favorite moments on this ship.

I can recall many times hearing squall in bound. Strike the tops'l immediately everyone walks to the high side clips in to the jacklin's we set up previously and walks forward to strike the tops'l. I could remember hauling on the brails seeing me and Simon another a watcher see a wave crash against the hull with might, only to see the wave crash onto us. After the immediate "you all rights", screams of "whooo" come from me and my fellow a watchers as it only intensive the sail handling. These are only the few of many things I have fallen in love with.

- John

Also a quick shout out to my parents for allowing me to be a part of this incredible voyage, I miss you guy. To my two sisters hope work is going well miss you guys. To joy, hope crew is going well, I miss you so much, love you.

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#1. Posted by John Quirk on May 04, 2016

Johnny, we have had so much fun reading the blogs and of course, yours today, was the highlight!!  We are so excited you are “reaching new heights” and love your home on the sea.  We love and miss you and are so proud of your endeavors!!  Love, Mom and Dad



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