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August 05, 2019

The long awaited whale watch

Bronwyn Addy & Jaffir Wajahat, Grosse Pointe South High School & Greens Farms Academy

SEA Semester

Above: Cece, Gracie, Bronwyn, Marlinee, and Kelly all smiles after seeing a mom and her calf; below: Isabelle, Erin, Franny, and George keeping an eye out for whales

We started off our day this morning early with some cereal and coffee to wake us up and prepare us for the eventful day ahead. After packing up our bags for the day trip and putting on sunscreen we were ready to depart for our whale watch in Plymouth. Sadly, that same morning, was also the time our good friend and classmate, Diego, had to leave for Illinois for All States a week before the end of SEASCape.

After an emotional goodbye we piled into three separate vans and we were off to Plymouth. For the most part, the car ride there was pretty uneventful with many choosing to listen to music, read, or go on their phones. We did, however, share some of our favorite moments with Diego and some of the funniest things that happened during the time he was with us. After around an hour, we had finally reached our destination, and shortly after receiving our tickets, we got on the whale-watching vessel and exited the stunning, beautiful, Plymouth harbor.

Eventually, we reached our desired location in Cape Cod Bay and were ready to see some whales. The first whales we saw were a mother humpback with her calf on the starboard side of our bow as they surfaced for air. There was also a third Humpback who soon diverged from the mother and the calf, later appearing close to the stern of our vessel. We spent the majority of the time following the mother and her calf for a while until we eventually lost sight of them. Luckily, there were more than just three Humpbacks in the area, and we got to see a few more on our way back to the harbor with a few even raising their tails out of the water, preparing for a deep dive. Once, we were back onshore, we were allotted an hour of free time in the historic town of Plymouth where we got some ice cream and spent some time reading in the park.

When we got back we had our free time, many of us were tired from waking up earlier than normal, so, some took naps. We also had the option to work on schoolwork or go to the beach. The majority went to the beach and few stayed back to do work. For the few who stayed back, some played volleyball while the others slept. At dinner, we were served a great meal of spaghetti, from our amazing steward, Jared. After dinner, we went to the Madden center to finish the movie “Moana”. Which unknowingly, SEA helped with the production of. We are going to have a class of the culture and origins of the movie. We wrapped the night up finishing our projects. Seeing the whale watch was my favorite part of the day. It was amazing to watch the Mom whale with her calf, who was only six months old. We also ate our homemade ice cream, which had a funky texture.

See you tomorrow, thanks for reading.

- Bronwyn Addy, Grosse Pointe South High School & Jaffir Wajahat, Greens Farms Academy


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