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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 01, 2018

The End is Nigh

Malika Elizabeth, B-Watch, The Evergreen State College


B is for Best friends, cheering at the Pin Rail Race.

Ship's Log

Current Position
34° 46.150’S x 175°45.570’E

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Course ordered: 160°, 7.8 knots

Force 4 Winds from SSW, 4ft seas from SExS, 1022.3 Barometer, 17.0 °C

Souls on board

This morning started with the sun shining its beautiful rays on the South Pacific Ocean. It was a glorious sight. B-Watch was just finishing up dawn watch and for the second half I had the opportunity to be Junior Watch Officer. It's an amazing way of seeing how to delegate jobs that keep the Robert C. Seamans safe and sound. I like to plan for the watch by writing the jobs down and the names of B- Watch beside each job for the hour. Like everything at sea, flexibility and learning how to deviate from the plan is important. When I first started JWO, I asked Gabe to go to lookout but he had already been at lookout an hour previously, and even though he is a very kind and accommodating shipmate after discussing it with the second mate we decided to ask Gabe to take the helm and Irena would do lookout.  Since it was very windy out our ship was motor sailing and it was important to make sure everyone was moving from their posts so they would not have to suffer long through the force 8 winds. After dawn watch we went to sleep.

Upon waking it was class time. Glenn and Haley did an engineering report on renewable energy. They spoke to Henry, the Chief Engineer, and found out that it would take 308 square meters of solar panels to power the ship.  By sailing we save 8 gallons of fuel an hour, which amounts to a saving of around 2704 gallons for the trip's entirety.  Wind power is the way!

This afternoon B-Watch had the deck and I am grateful for that. During the watch we were visiting by a pod of five common dolphins. They were jumping and swimming along the port side and the bow.  Mariah, Haley, Merlin and Cutter were watching them while I was at lookout. It was a time filled with laughter and joy. I felt a mixture of happiness with a touch of sadness with the thought of this trip coming to an end in a few more days. We are scheduled to reach Auckland November 3, and it feels too soon. I finally am able to be thrashed about by the wind and waves and my body thinks it's normal, it seems almost unfair. As I was at lookout the thought that "as something ends, something new will begin" crossed my mind and filled me with peace. This experience is once in a lifetime and my heart cherishes the special memories of this time at sea.

Special hello to all my father and brother and all my friends. Special shout out to B-Watch and every person on the S-282 cruise. Each and every one of you made this trip very special.

- Malika Elizabeth, B-Watch, The Evergreen State College

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#1. Posted by Deborah Reinke on November 04, 2018

SSV Robert C. Seamans,
Welcome to New Zealand! As Malika stated above, “something new will begin” for you all as you explore another country. I was in New Zealand last year about this time, so I’m excited for all of you. I hope the weather will cooperate so you will get to enjoy spring on the other side of the world. Here, in Maine, we just changed the clocks back one hour, and we woke up to chilly 33 degree weather. After displaying lovely hues of red and gold, the leaves have finally dropped here, but spring flowers will soon be blossoming over there—enjoy it to the fullest!
Mariah, we received your postcard yesterday. And, of course, we keep reading the blogs about your days aboard the ship.
Miss you and love you lots, Mom

#2. Posted by Christie on November 04, 2018

Can’t wait to hear more about your trip when you are done! Have fun in New Zealand.




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