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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 15, 2016

Sweet and Salty

Kate Salesin, C Watch, Sailing Intern

Ocean Exploration

Kate, Helen, and Rachel watching the full moon rise

Ship's Log

Current Position
Rounding East Cape, North Island

Sail Plan
Motorsailing under the mains’l and stays’ls

Overcast and brisk, winds filling in

Souls on Board

Kia Ora!

After a brief stint in Napier, most of us were surprisingly relieved to return home to the boat and get underway. Though land has its perks (Netflix and espresso in particular), the routine of the boat is comforting and allows ample time for appreciating the beauty around us.

Yesterday, as many of the ship's company sat enjoying our regular Poetry Time, we were treated to a spectacular sunset, a full moon rising under a pink glow, and dolphins leaping in our wake all at the same time. Though we often speak of overstimulation on land, with the constant stream of news and people around us, this was a very welcome, slow-burning overstimulation. We all sat in near silence and absorbed the sights and sounds around us. Then again this afternoon, we gathered to watch as the boat passed directly beneath a spectacular double rainbow arching from horizon to horizon. I've found that seeing these sights that land-bound people never get to see is a strong bonding force for the everyone on board.

The students and sailing interns are in the midst of the JWO (Junior Watch Officer) phase of the trip, where we manage the running of the boat for a watch. One of the sailing interns today described being JWO as being an eagle, able to both soar above to see the big picture and focus with precision onto small patches of details happening below. It's been rewarding to see how much I, the other sailing interns, and the students have soaked in over the past month, and how we can essentially run the ship ourselves.

It's been especially rewarding to see the students on my watch take on the leadership role with such grace and maturity. Though it can be overwhelming, there is comfort in that one can never learn everything there is to know about the boat.

- Kate

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#1. Posted by Gramma Rudy on December 16, 2016

Have enjoyed all of the blogs and “sailing along”  vicariously with everybody from my desk chair next to the computer. What a fabulous experience you are all having! I especially enjoyed the last two blogs and not just because Kate wrote one of them - thought they were great descriptions! Our best wishes to everybody for a safe rest of your journey and wonderful adventure! We miss you, Kate and send you lots of love.

#2. Posted by Ann on December 18, 2016

Thank you all for your beautiful posts, your beautiful spirits and this amazing ride.
Helena knows how much I love Poetry Time!
Please remember “Sea Fever” by Masefield, Helena knows it has special meaning for me—and her, too.
Wishing you all excellent adventures,
(Helena, we love you so!)

#3. Posted by Julie on April 03, 2017

Its very interesting blog, thank you for sharing the post.



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