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July 09, 2017

Sunday: Brunch, Yoga, Beach, Coffee

Olivia Adamczyk & Julia Fernandez, Dover Sherborn High School & De La Salle Santiago Zobel High School, Philippines, Muntinlupa

SEA Semester

Above: Olivia's delicious lunch at Pickle Jar Kitchen. Below: Ella, Julia, Kai, and Kamara go swimming.

We started our sunny Sunday at 0900 with a beautiful brunch of homemade french toast, scrambled eggs, and juicy nectarines. After completing our daily chores, we headed back to our rooms to prepare for the exciting day ahead of us. As today was Sunday, our non-academic day, the RAs had planned three different activities in which we could partake: we could venture into the quaint town of Falmouth, walk to a nearby beach to go swimming, or be driven to Falmouth High School in order to relax by the freshwater pond and play tennis/basketball. Before participating in these activities, however, a group of about fifteen students met at Madden Center at 1025 to do a mini yoga class with Tasha. We focused on deep breathing, downward dog, and, of course, child’s pose. At around 1100, I, along with my sister, was picked up by my dad so that we could eat lunch together at Pickle Jar Kitchen, a charming restaurant in Falmouth. After finishing up with lunch and saying our goodbyes, my sister and I met up with a few other SEASCape students and wandered around town, drifting in and out of little shops. We purchased sweatshirts, coffee, and books-- the essentials. Around 1500, all of those who traveled to Falmouth mustered in the park and headed back to campus with Maria. While some headed back up to their rooms to unwind, others quickly changed into bathing suits and headed down to the nearby beach. At 1800, we will meet for dinner at the picnic tables and from 1930 to 2130, we will journey to Madden Center for a Study Hall, after which we will head back to our cottages and prepare for yet another exciting day tomorrow!

 - Olivia

We had breakfast at 9:00am today and were given an opportunity to do yoga (Thanks Tasha!). Since it was Sunday and it was our first non-academic day, we were given 3 choices to choose from (sports and pond, beach, Falmouth); I chose the sports and the pond one, and it was a blast! We were six in our group and we started with playing tennis, basketball and running miles. After we all ate our packed lunch, we all ate together while listening to music. After a while we went to the pond and it was packed with people. Despite the amount of people there, it was amazing! After a lot of consideration and persuasion from my peers, I jumped from the rope that was there. It was scary but really fun, I didn’t do it again though. After hours of fun and swimming, we all went back to our houses. A few minutes later we went to the nearby beach and had a wonderful time swimming in the ocean. After a delicious dinner (thanks Sabrina!) we just ended the day with a good study hall.

- Julia

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