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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 19, 2015


Nick Monica, B Watch, University of San Diego

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Goodbye, Auckland!

Ship's Log

Alongside Princess Wharf

Sail Plan
Auckland to Kawau Island

Souls on Board

Hello all you Land Lubbers!
We have officially set sail! With some not-so clear skies, fairly strong winds and a heavily rocking boat it was a perfect introduction to life at sea for the next 34 days.  We motored out of the harbor and as we passed the last buoy, we were fortunate en ough to hoist the first sail of the trip.  The first sail up was the mainstaysl which was actually a bit harder than we had anticipated, but once it was up it almost felt as though it was a symbol for the start of our journey.

After a good bit of vomit and stumbling around the ship, we arrived at our first stop where we'd be anchored for the night.  We dropped anchor in Bostaquet Bay on the small island called Kawau Island.  It was truly a beautiful place to anchor with a small sandy beach but mostly sheer sandstone cliffs.  The island was seemingly covered in trees and vegetation of all different kinds.  As you scanned from left to right the whole island looked green, this really made for an astonishing contrast with the deep blue water of the bay. There was also a few small fishing vessels coming in and going out of the bay which makes me believe this may have been a great spot to cast a line.

Needless to say by the time we reached the bay everyone was pretty ecstatic considering the initial nausea onboard.  And finally, a big thank you to Becks coming in clutch with the comfort food; mac-n-cheese with a side of broccoli, yeeww!

- Nick

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#1. Posted by Karen and Martin and Kade on November 23, 2015

Love you and miss you!  Wishing more fun and less sickness wink



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