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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 16, 2017

Soggy Socks Among Other Magical Things

Lydia Wasmer, A-Watch, Colby College

The Global Ocean

Our dynamic home, Robert C. Seamans

Ship's Log

Current Position
36° 50.493’ S x 174° 45.844’ E

Auckland, NZ

Ship’s Heading & Speed
Docked at Princes Wharf

mid 70s, rainy…wet…quite wet

Souls on Board

Yuck…it’s 0520. I’m on watch…meaning I have to meander around the boat and jot down numbers, expected to be fully awake while in realtity, there was
only one eye open and two yawns for every footstep. However, the job was done in an orderly fashion (twice) and everyone, including our mascot, Steve, our cat (we don’t really have a cat) was safe. Cassie, my penguin-loving, kinda funny (super funny), partner and I chit-chatted in the doghouse (for those who think this is a synonym for “jail” or “in trouble”, don’t fret, it is the part of the boat with radar thingies and a bunch of buttons I was told to never push…a bummer really).

Stage two of the process, the one I was dreading all night long, was being that much-anticipated, ever-hated, “waker-upper” of everyone onboard for breakfast. I don’t understand why someone would be mad about being woken up for bacon but hey, not everyone greeted me with a “Good morning!” when I came prancing around all optimistic and happy at 0630 as a personal alarm clock. You. Are. Welcome. I woke you up for bacon. 

With everyone groaning to their feet, in addition to the downpour that I had to waltz around in first thing that morning, I skipped to breakfast…Only to find that, no, Lydia, you cannot eat until you do the process all over again for the 0700 hour. I hiked up my skirts (in reality I was still in my PJ’s) and after a mouthful of lukewarm coffee (that I forgot to drink earlier because it was 6am), I marched on deck, did my round, and lined up for breakfast.

After I got a bellyful of food, I got happy. (The equation of life: Bacon=happiness=un-cranky-fied Lydia). With that, Dr. Mr. Jeff (chief anthropologist and mother duck) led us out into the bustling and water-logged streets of Auckland. Every step was into a puddle, not by choice since my boots were full of water and it was literally uphill both ways…no really…But! At long last, we made it to the Auckland War Memorial Museum looking like a pack of “drowned rats” (as stated by the woman at the front door who promptly sent us to the “back entrance”). The museum was spectacular! Not only did it have free wifi but it also had the most comfortable seats!

Both statements are true but the museum really was spectacular. There were rooms dedicated to displaying Māori art, culture, spiritual traditions, and more. There were glorious tributes to their history and my favorite was a display of their canoes and boats. They were the real voyagers of the South Pacific and it is truly amazing to be taking part in this voyage along New Zealand.

This was my favorite day of the six-week adventure so far, even if it didn’t sound like it at the beginning (I got my poetic license after getting my learner’s permit and studying for three years for the final exam). I love soggy socks, and early mornings, and museums, and our cat, Steve…we still don’t have a cat…yet……

- Lydia

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#1. Posted by james robinson on February 17, 2017

well done Lydia! Very colorful and brings everything to life…especially Steve!



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