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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 02, 2014

Sleep of Kings

Alessandra de la Torre, A Watch, Boston University


Juan, Barbara, and Alessandra on the rigging furling the JT.

Ship's Log

Current Position
12° 19.4’ S x 144° 35.9’ W

Course & Speed
NExN at 5.7 kts

Sail Plan
Sailing under the 4 lowers and the JT

It’s beautiful and sunny out here, but we might get some showers later today.

After a sleep of kings night I am ready for today as we continue to sail to Nuku Hiva. Yesterday was a really fun day as a lot of us got pranked for April fools. A Watch had a morning watch (0700 to 1300) and as always we met on the quarter deck for watch turnover. Jay, our Watch Officer and Chief Mate, came on deck with a harness sized for a 7 year old boy and we all had a good laugh. In spite of the pranks, we had a really busy day since we wanted to shut off the engine and go back to sailing. Of course, is more easily said than done, and we had a lot of sail handling to do. Drew, Sonia, and I stepped on the headrig to loose the Jib Topsail and pass it to the port side by putting it above the Jib Forestay. I don’t know if any of you have tried to lift a sail, but I can tell you, they are pretty heavy. After struggling on the edge of the rigging (don’t worry parents, we were clipped in and wearing harnesses), all sweaty and with the sun above us, we managed to get the sail onto a port tack and our watch mates were there to set it. It’s probably one of the most exciting watch days we’ve had so far.

Later it went from sunny to an intense downpour in a matter of minutes, and A Watch had to do a lot of sail handling again. The rain storm was really exciting and through it A Watch managed to be efficient and protect the sails as we’ve been trained. You should have seen the seas out there, with the intense rain falling. It was postcard material, or perhaps a white and black picture in which the seas and the skies almost blended together.

After the watch we had class as usual - today’s focus was oceanography. Ed talked with us about seamounts, volcanic island-to-atoll formation, and our CHIRP (CHIRP is an instrument that helps us map the seafloors). Abby shared some information about the reef creatures we observed in Rangiroa, like fish, eels, sharks and more. At the end of the class, Julia, another of the scientists, brought out four jars of salps (gelatinous marine organisms) and said it was a tradition that after catching the first salp bloom to eat them and offer some to Neptune. The first salp was offered to the Captain and as an example to everyone he ate it. The mates and scientists followed his lead, and then all of us students were offered one. And although a lot of us were grossed out, we went for it with no hesitation. After a couple of minutes, Julia announced it was April Fools Day and we were eating clear gelatin with raisins, not salps, but she sure got us all!

It was a great day in the end, a couple of more pranks by Mickey and Elmo in the engine room. They turned the lights off the engine room and waited to see our reactions. They are really fun and keep getting me every day. Also, Jerelle got Jay by switching his larger jacket for her smaller one since they have matching ones. Good laughs, great moments and amazing experiences with people that I will never forget.

To my friends and family: I love you and miss you. I am having a lifetime experience, thank you for this chance (mom and dad). Besos!

Greetings from everyone on board to their family and friends.

- Alessandra

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