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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 20, 2014

Sierra Charlie!

Breezy Grenier, A Watch, University of Rhode Island

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

(Top) A Seal’s View [photo credit: Breezy]; (Bottom) Sailing Under the Four Lowers [photo credit Jason, Johnny, and Shlee].

Ship's Log

Current Position
41°44.7’S x 175.34.8’E

Sunny and 22°C

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
250°, <1 knot.  Heaved to for Scientific Squid Jigging

Well, I lucked out to be able to write the blog today, but my only problem is how to describe how perfect today has been. We started the day waking with the rising crescent moon competing to take over the sky with sunrise. The sun’s rays greeting us along with a warm, calm northwest wind (yes, I stated that correctly, WARM north winds!) with blue skies to follow. The four lowers were raised for the last time as we go to anchor tomorrow nearing completion of our voyage. 

During the afternoon class time, the professional crew deployed the rescue boat to take pictures of the ship for us. We knew something was up when they just pulled up back alongside and did not recover the small boat promptly. That’s when we were surprised with a swim call! That’s right, it’s the first time we’ve been able to jump in off the ship and go swimming in the South Pacific! The water was a whopping 16°C, the green mountains of the Aorangi Range were in the distance, and the hull of the ship glowing white with the sun. Summer finally got the memo and has graced us with her presence.

So I didn’t think anymore color could fill the sky after this morning’s sunrise, but I was proven wrong. Sunset seemed to last for hours, with neon pinks and purples bringing fire to the evening sky. Thinking today couldn’t end any better, standing lab watch this evening, Captain Rick and Deb surprised us with the fun activity of scientific squid jigging! As we turned the spotlights onto the dark ocean waters, life came rushing towards the boat, squid over a foot in length darting in and out of the lights as blue and red dashes. A jelly fish the size of a beach ball floated by, and with presumably large mammals splashing in the waters around us, feasting on the organisms we were attracting.

A huge congrats to everyone completing our DOR manuscripts today! You know the voyage is coming to an end when you are running out of class work to complete. As the night comes to the end, so does my blog post.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays to everyone who has been following us!

ps. Hi Mom, Dad, and my furry kids!! Love and miss you! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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