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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

July 04, 2016

S-268, Protecting the Phoenix Islands, Begins!

Jan Witting, Chief Scientist

Protecting the Phoenix Islands

Second Mate Ashley Meyer training B-watch in safety of climbing the head rig.

Ship's Log

Alongside, Honolulu Hawaii

Souls on Board

The ship’s company for the voyage to the Phoenix Islands Protected Area is safely on board. That makes it 40 of us, 23 students, 8 SEA crew members, 4 SEA scientists, 3 WHOI and New England Aquarium visiting scientists, a policy teaching fellow and an official observer from the nation of Kiribati. The ship is full, and after 24 hours of dockside orientation and safety training we are about to cast off the lines and head to the high seas. 

Our itinerary is full. The are some 1100 nautical miles to go until we reach the Phoenix Islands, and those miles will be filled with much more learning for the newest crew members (a.k.a. the students) in how to sail the ship and how to deploy our various scientific instruments. We should reach the protected area as fully fledged sailing scientists, and the blog posts to come will fill you in on our different research efforts, our life on the ship, and the sights and sounds of the Tropical Pacific Ocean. There will also be a sister blog on the New England Aquarium website (, and between the two you’ll get a ringside seat to our trip.  And now, we’re off. Happy July 4th to everyone out there, it sure is memorable for us!

- Jan

PS: We’ll do our best to update the blog on a daily basis, but an occasional missed entry will just be an expression of how busy the life on the ship can be (also, blogs will be written but not posted over the weekends).

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#1. Posted by barbara clark on July 04, 2016

aloha!  happy sails to all—- barbara a/k/a Janet’s mom



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