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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

June 02, 2015

S-260: Aloha ‘Aina

Aloha Aina

Proposed cruise track for S-260.

The students of S-260: Aloha 'Aina, Peoples and Nature of the Hawaiian Islands, begin class on the Hawaii Pacific University campus, on June 4th. They will join the SSV Robert C. Seamans on June 20th for their sea voyage, Honolulu to Honolulu.

Ship's Company (Sea component)

Captain: Sean Bercaw
1st mate: Scott Spillias
2nd mate: Liz Maloney
3rd mate: Zeal Chimenti
Engineer: Mickey Cavacas
Asst. Engineer: Alexis Quigley
Steward: Vicke Leavitt
Asst. Steward: Marissa Shaw
Chief Scientist: Jeff Schell
1st Asst. scientist: Abby Cazeault
2nd Asst. scientist: Maia Theophanis
3rd Asst scientist: Laura Lilly
Deckhand: Erin Adams
Deckhand: Erin Hodge
Deckhand: Christina Wine
Deckhand: Gaby Chavez
Other: Chris Nolan

HPU Teaching Staff:
Brenda Jensen 
Zane de la Cruz  

Faculty (Shore component)

Marine Resource Management:
Dr. Brenda Jensen (HPU)
Dr. Trisha Kehoulani Watson (Honua Consulting)
Dr. Jack Kittinger (Ocean Conservancy)

Ocean Environment of the Pacific Islands
Dr. Jeffrey Schell (SEA Semester)
Captain Sean Bercaw (SEA Semester)
Dr. Carrie Jones (HPU)


Felishia Barros, College of the Holy Cross
Brianna Belo, American University
Cristina Cammarota, Hawaii Pacific University
Joseph Capellupo, SUNY ESF
Derek Colaizzo, Princeton University
Haines Duff, Stevens Institute of Technology
Maria Garcia, New York University
Katherine Hoots, Vassar College
Katherine Lawlor, American University
Anne Lee, Denison University
Kelsey Orr, Furman University
Deesha Patel, Brandeis University
Tina Perry, Marygrove College
Dejah Powell, Cornell University
Robert Ramos, Wesleyan University
Julian Acuna, St. John's College, NM
Brian Verblaauw, Stetson University
Parker Webber, St. John's College, NM


Leave a public comment for students and crew to read when they reach their next port and have access to the internet!

#1. Posted by Tonja Belo on June 22, 2015

Enjoy and so proud of you!!!!!
Learn much and share more!!!
Your mom..

#2. Posted by Dad on June 27, 2015

Hi Katja!  This voyage sounds amazing - though I hope you’re past the seasick phase!  It would sound even more amazing with more posts and comments!  We are anxious to hear of all your discoveries, and hope and pray for your safety, health, and richness of adventure!  Ever proud, love Dad



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