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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

May 01, 2014

S252 Final Swizzle

Barbara Fleck, A Watch, Visiting Professor (from Maine Maritime Academy)

Oceans & Climate

Above: Final cruise track for S-252. Below: Karissa on Bow Watch during one of our last sailing sunsets.

Ship's Log

Current Position
Hilo Harbor, Hawaii

Course & Speed

Sail Plan


It is the students’  last night on the Seamans; it’s been a long day.  We have cleaned every nook and cranny of the ship, and packed our bags in preparation for departure tomorrow morning.  And tonight we had our final Swizzle, with performances by many of our shipmates.  We enjoyed comedy, music, and dancing, as well as some inspirational readings.  In fact, the dancing goes on now as the salsa music is playing in the salon as I write this in the library.  We all have a lot to think about as we sort out what we have learned on this journey.  While we are all looking forward to seeing family and friends at home and school, we are also going to miss the people we met during this adventure.

Last night we enjoyed a barbecue at a beach park with students and staff from the Cornell EES Program who have spent their spring semester immersed in the culture, history and natural environments of the Big Island.  It was great to meet like-minded people working on sustainability issues; several of their students and staff members are SEA alumni, and the organizations have similar philosophies and goals.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner outdoors after our day of hiking in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and are all invited to visit the Cornell students during their last week in Waimea.
Happy 21st Birthday Molly!!!  Have a great day (while making healthy choices!).  Love to you (and Allison and Jarlath); I will see you all soon!

- Barbara

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