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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 24, 2014

S251 Weblog 24 February 2014

Nanuk Sourek, A Watch, University of French Polynesia


Above: Robert C. Seamans in Hanavave Baie, Fatu Hiva Below, right: In his tiki workshop in Hanavave, carver Serge Kohueinu

Ship's Log

Current Position
13° 32.6’S x 138° 3.4’W
en route to Mangareva
Course and Speed
160 at 5 knots
Sail Plan
sailing under the Mainsl, Mainstaysl, Forestaysl, Jib, Jib Topsl, Fisherman and Topsl.
Sunny, breeze and 4 foot seas from ESE

Its Monday 11.21 AM and I just realized that is my turn to write something on the blog. For me, it a real challenge to transcript my feelings in English because I’m the French guy of the ship. I’m going to try but don’t laugh.

First, the team S251 is very nice. Students enjoy the life on the boat. We can see it on their eyes when they are on the land, speaking with local people, testing new fruits, taking a ride. We can also see their smiles when we are on the middle of nowhere, like now, between Fatu Hiva and Mangareva. For example today was an exciting day because we learned how to use the sextant. Little by little, the word of sailors coming on our hand: we feel the wind, use the stars bearing, set the sails, use compass and taffrail log for our position.


I would like to share a nice moment when I was in Fatu Hiva with Marine, my friend who works in the MPA agency in French Polynesia. We have met the grandfather of the Marines friend. He showed us how to engrave bones on his small workshop close to the river. Also, he showed us a book about the story of the Marquisian Art. We order some stuff because he is a real artiste and we love his job. For goodbye, he gave us necklace; we couldn’t say no, we had to accept the present to not offend him. Marquisian people are very generous, they give a lot. Each time I see that, I’m feeling bad because I’m not like them. I have to learn if one day I want to be a nice person, the half of them it would be enough. These people are more rich than us and I hope that students noticed it!

A la voile, nous naviguons vers le Sud. Doucement mais surement, la Southern Cross nous guide vers de nouvelles aventures. Aujourdhui nous transportons bord la gnrosit des Marquisessous forme de fruits mais surtout dans nos curs.

- Nanuk


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