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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

February 09, 2014

S251 Weblog 09 February 2014

Lauren Barber, A Watch,University of Connecticut


Professor Moohono and student Levi on the quarterdeck during off-watch time

Ship's Log

Current Position
15° 41.0’‘S x 144° 47.0’‘W
Course and Speed
070° at 6.3kts
Sail Plan
Motoring under the stays’ls
Warm and wet, overcast

After a full four days of adventure and fun in Fakarava, we are underway and headed to our next destination, Nuka Hiva, which is approximately 530 nautical miles away! We are planning on around a 5-day sail. Although the seasickness has returned to some, me included, we all still seem to be extremely excited to be underway and headed to our next island destination.

Today we had our first Field Day to combat all of the Mung on board the Seamans! Mung, as defined by our Chief Mate Sarah, is the grime that is neither a solid nor a liquid, and can seep into the cracks and corners of practically every square inch of the ship. Everything that could be cleaned was cleaned! While cleaning out the galley with the other members of A watch, we rocked out to some of Sayzie’s (our steward) old school jams and cleaned absolutely everything in sight, and even spaces that were out of sight! It is important to clean our home, the Robert C. Seamans, daily and diligently! It is unbelievable how much dirt and grime we manage to acquire below decks within only one day on board.

On board the Seamans, we are getting a sense of what it is like to live without having constant communication and entertainment via cell phones, Facebook, and other means of social media. I personally find it incredibly refreshing! Unlike times at home or at school, we are able to eat meals, sit up on deck, and have incredible conversations without the disruption and distraction of text messages, emails and phone calls. While at meals, rather than checking our phones, it is incredibly nice to just be able to turn to the person sitting beside us and have a conversation that way. This is something that until I joined the ship, I was not truly aware that I was missing, and these conversations, no matter how small or insignificant, are quickly becoming one of my favorite aspects of shipboard life.

- Lauren


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