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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 25, 2014

Research Symposium Prep

Drew Gustafson, A Watch, Bowdoin College


Nikesh fully embracing the figurative ‘calm before the storm.’

Ship's Log

Current Position
14° 13.6’ N x 148° 46.9’ W

Course & Speed
320 deg PSC, 7.5 kts

Sail Plan
Four Lowers

Mostly clear and breezy

All was quiet on deck.  The on watch was taking care of ship’s business, but they comprised all of the souls present to enjoy the fresh air breezing briskly through the sails.  You might think I could be describing Mid-Watch, detailing a scene in the dead of night, but as it was, the sun was shining brightly on this fine day.  So where were the students?

Deep in the belly of the ship, we were hard at work, completing the final touches to our research project presentations, awaiting the start of the 2014 S252 Research Symposium.  During class time, each research group briefly summarized the results of our hard work this semester, describing our findings to the group of students and crew members that helped to make the projects possible in the first place.

After a whirlwind of pteropods, Deep Chlorophyll Maximums, and pCO2 fluxes, we retired back to the deck to enjoy a fabulous sunset, taking in the figurative (and hopefully not literal) ‘calm before the storm.’  With only a week remaining in the program, deadlines loom in the near future, and the outside world is beginning to beckon to us, tugging on memory strings as we begin to recall our summer plans (or lack thereof).  Life on the ship has shown us a simpler way of living, where a Star Frenzy embodies some of the most hectic flurry of activity for the day, or where the best (and pretty much only) source of news is “The Scuttlebutt.”  With that said, I’m still looking forward to the friends and family at home, and the thought of bringing some of this simple lifestyle home with me.

To everyone on the home front, thanks for hanging in with the S252 blog, and I’ll see you soon!  And to Will Gus, who’s heading into his final month of high school, hang tight and enjoy yourself!  And of course, a big shout-out to my Bowdoin friends - Happy Ivies!!

My best to all,

Dad - They say it’s your birthday, happy birthday to you! I love you, looking forward to seeing you very soon! - Sonia

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