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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 14, 2018

Pump Up the Jam

Brittany Hernandez, A Watch, Bowdoin College


Farley Miller (First Assistant Scientist) and Rachel Tan prepare to deploy the carousel during today's morning science station while Will Lounsbery-Scaife drives the hydrowinch.

Ship's Log

Current Position
38 40.3’S x 171 01.5’W

Ship’s Heading & Speed
010 degrees per ship’s compass, 6.3 knots

Sail Plan
Tops’l, forestays’l, mains’l

Sunny with some clouds, 18.0 C, winds from the SW

Souls on board

Today was Field Day, a day where we clean the whole ship in two hours, which sounds like daunting task. But, it's my favorite day of the week. In those two hours we get to listen to music from our phones, which results in singing and dancing all around! Other days the only way to listen to music is to make it - people sing and play guitars, ukuleles and banjos. Although the live music is wonderful and rejuvenating, there's nothing like listening to familiar songs that are imbued with a little piece of home. The songs we play are from a group playlist we created in our final days on shore in Woods Hole. Many songs were picked knowing that they would be the only songs we would hear for six weeks, which makes them all the more worthwhile to listen to. The songs range from pop to country to throwbacks. The combination of singing, dancing, and cleaning was the perfect way to revive my shipmates and I after a long week of rainy days, being hove-to, and limited science opportunities.

Not only was there music today, but the sun was shining! Seeing the sun brightened all of our days, and allowed for more practice with celestial navigation. As we progress further into our voyage, we are learning more about how to use the sun and stars to navigate. Celestial navigation is wicked cool, but it can be a little tricky when it's rainy and cloudy outside and the sun is nowhere to be seen. Since the sun was visible today,
we practiced taking sun lines with the sextant and calculating our position; the first evening star frenzy captured the early, brightest stars as well. With the sun shining and portholes opened again, allowing us to see blue waves roll past, I'm ready to start sailing to Raiatea, and I'm excited for what the next few weeks will bring.

P.S. Hi Mom, Dad and Angie - I miss you and love you so much! I'm having an incredible time - the stars are amazing, and I've seen a shark and some dolphins! Also, happy birthday, Dad! To Jessa and Manlio, I hope you're having fun in South America and at Bowdoin - I miss both of you so much!

- Brittany Hernandez, A Watch, Bowdoin College

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#1. Posted by Charlie G. on April 16, 2018

Loved your posting.on April 14th You would not want to be on the Bowdoin quad today .
Wicked storm here in coastal southern Maine today April 16th VERY cold rain,freezing rain and high winds. 45. + . Better a classroom below deck than one of the classrooms at “ B “
Bowdoin ‘62. And daughter ‘98

#2. Posted by Rebecca Hernandez on April 16, 2018

Loved reading your post, Britt.  I can visualize you dancing while cleaning and enjoying yourself with your sea mates.  Finally having sunny days must be awesome after all the rain and stormy weather.  I’m sure the stars are amazing and the night skies are breathtaking.  How exciting to see sharks and dolphins.  It sounds like you are having an incredible time!

We still have 3 - 4 foot snowbanks here at home.  A few brave robins appeared this week, scrambling to find open ground by the driveway and plowed areas.  Beuger has thoroughly enjoyed watching them:)  Despite the cold temps, there is hope for Spring.  Perhaps the snow will be melted by the time you get home.

Can’t wait to see you, your photos, and hear all about your Sea Semester journey!  Hope the voyage continues to be fun and exhilarating for you and your fellow mates.

We miss you and love you so very much, Brittany!  Stay safe!

Mom and Dad

PS - Beuger misses you and loves you, too!



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