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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

April 07, 2020

Preparation to Get Underway

Kylie Wiegel, S-290T, Steward


Above: Ella aloft; Below: Henry; Anna W.; Berry pies made per request for Sascha's birthday!

Hello from the Steward (cook) onboard, Kylie! A bit of background information on why I'm on the boat right now: I was originally contracted to do Oceans & Climate and happened to be in New Zealand early before the international borders closed. The past couple weeks have been filled with getting to know each other in our close quarters. Since we haven't been able to leave the boat other than for going on a run or walk, the crew has had lots of time to spend together. Our morale officer, Sabrina, came up with a "Moralendar" that has had an event for every day that I've been here. I really do feel lucky to be self-isolating with such an incredible group of people.

Yesterday was full of drills, meetings, and preparations for getting the ship ready to get underway. We learned who is standing watch together and spoke of basic community expectations. We have a variety of experience levels ranging from many captains to a couple friends who have never sailed before! This trip will definitely be special for all of us.

As steward, I feel as if it is part of my responsibility to uphold morale and pay attention to birthdays and special events. Wednesday, our friend Sascha is turning 19! Because we aren't sure of the conditions underway and how any of us will feel with seasickness, we decided to celebrate her birthday today with berry pies and ice cream for all! It was the perfect end to all of usgetting through this self-isolation healthy and happy.

It seems like we're all ready to get underway and be out on the water! I know I'm eager to get out there for sure. I finished up a couple of little things I needed to wrap up today and I feel confident that my part on the boat is ready for our venture to Hawaii.

I hope y'all stick around for the ride and check back soon!

Until next time,

- Kylie, S-290T Steward

Side note:  Hi family! Give Minnow a big hug for me <3

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#1. Posted by Rebecca Acker on April 08, 2020

Blessings and prayers for a safe and wonderful voyage.  Happy Birthday Sascha!  Haag Pesach Sameach, happy Easter, happy spring, safe journey to all.  You guys are enacting a literal pilgrimage in this year’s Pesach! 

#2. Posted by Julie on April 08, 2020

Kylie!!  Minnow got a hug and misses you! 
We definitely want one of those berry pies when you get home!

Miss you and love you!

#3. Posted by Judy Pollock on April 09, 2020

I think WE need a picture of that Moralendar too!! Thanks for posting. Sonia’s Mom.



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