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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

June 01, 2018

Paradise Found

Zhechen Wu, B Watch, Boston University


Our Assistant Scientist, Farley Miller was so excited like getting a ton of gold in his hand when collecting scientific samples.

Ship's Log

Ship’s Heading & Speed
325deg/ 8.5 knots

Sail Plan
Sailing to Caroline island with main, mainstaysail, course, topsail, raffe.

Sunny with a bit of clouds back and forth

Souls on board

She is still sailing on a peaceful ocean with all of her members taking care of her. On the science deck, we have scientists deploying the Neuston Net trying to capture at least a side of this mysterious ocean. On the starboard side, we have student crew members trying to haul the halyard. Below the deck, the steward is preparing a delicious breakfast for everybody to enjoy. Even further below, engineers are carefully petting the heart of the ship: the engine. The slowly spreading glow of the sunshine gently whispers to everybody and telling us and Robert C. Seamans, another lovely day has started.

Scientists are now sitting at their desk testing their samples. A tiny strained light through a transparent tube will discover a hidden detail: pH value of the ocean. The scientist and their students turn around and put a small pile of water under the microscope. Look, the scientist shouted, we have three jellyfish in this sample. Meanwhile, the on-duty Watch walk down the ladders and wake the oncoming watch-standers by name
encouraging them to come enjoy this new day. Well, starting with a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and pancakes will certainly be a good idea for everybody. Sails were set, winds changed, different sails were set, waves came and went by, but none of this affects Robert C. Seaman from reaching the next destination: Caroline Island.

Afternoon, when people are getting sleepy, a sudden alarm wakes everybody from their dream. "This is a drill this is a drill, a fire has occurred in the galley." Everybody followed the emergency routine and jumps to their assigned tasks. Fire hoses were deployed, doors were shut and sails were controlled, everything is under control. "All muster report on quarterdeck," captain shouted. Well, we get ourselves ready and now, Field Day
starts. If I am Robert C. Seamans, I will definitely enjoy the next moment. Everybody starts moving, running and use their magical wand: rags, envirox, fox-tail and dustpan to clean our home and keep the Robert Seamans healthy. With all the work done...

Now, I am writing this blog, but I stopped. "Sabrina, Sunset is happening~" Hey, instead of sitting in front of a computer telling you our story why not go up on deck and see what I cannot see for rest of my life? Well, I will leave some final thoughts. Paradise is not somewhere far away, why search for paradise when it is right next to you? :D


- Zhechen Wu, B Watch, Boston University

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#1. Posted by Karen Li on June 10, 2018

William good job! We miss you so much, enjoy your life!



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