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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 23, 2014

Pape’ete Farmer’s Market

C-Watch, (Kate, Sam, Nikesh, Emma, Jerelle, and Jackie)


The Robert C. Seamans docked in Pape’ete Harbor.

Ship's Log

Current Position
Pape’ete, Tahiti

Course & Speed

Sail Plan

Clear, with occasional rain showers

Ia Ora na friends, family, and internet!
We had an early start to our first morning on the ship with a 0500 wake up for all interested in going to the Sunday morning Farmer’s Market in Pape’ete. It was still moderately cool that early in the morning, and we enjoyed a beautiful walk through the colorful market, weaving our way through the many people buying ingredients for their Sunday feasts. Outside, aisles of stands were selling fresh produce, from cucumbers and lettuce to taro, mango and passion-fruit, and a selection of unidentified spiky fruits. Inside, there were rows of fresh fish of all colors, barbequed meat stands, and piles and piles of croissants!

We had more orientation sessions today, including line handling, emergency stations, and how to conduct science deployments. Our particular favorite was sail furling. We climbed out onto the headrig (the net below the bowsprit) and our watch officer Sara (3rd mate) walked us through the steps of furling the jib while underway. We learned to properly fold the sail and quickly tie it off so that it doesn’t blow loose in the wind. The sun was intense but the light breeze, being suspended above the water, and Sara’s smiling encouragement made the experience quite pleasant! We can’t wait to try this again when we’re under sail.

After a brief shore leave to enjoy dinner at the local food trucks we ended the day with our first watch. From 2200 to 0100 C-watch was on deck getting orientation to the lab and completing our first hourly boat checks. Now that we have been stood down by Sara and relieved by A-watch we are ready for sleep and very excited to set sail tomorrow! 

Love and fair winds,
Kate, Sam, Nikesh, Emma, Jerelle, and Jackie

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