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July 09, 2019

Pancake breakfast before Woods Hole

Emily Power & Deni Loh, Saint Ursula Academy & Brookline High School

SEA Semester

Above: Students with the Corwith Cramer in dock; below: Jill with a seastar on the boat; group photo at WHOI dock.

 Today, after a delicious pancake breakfast, we had a two-and-a-half-hour class of oceans and society to kick off our amazing day.

Once class was over, we headed out to explore the vast world of Woods Hole. We kicked off our jam-packed day with a tour of MBL (Marine Biology Lab). We got to see cuttlefish as well as squid. After the tour we ate our sandwiches in the park and split into two groups. One group went out on the Zephyr while the other visited the Woods Hole Aquarium.

Aboard the Zephyr our groups took a plankton sample, released an aquatic microphone, and towed and underwater camera. We also took a sample of the seafloor, and pulled up tons of sea anemones. We were able to hold a horseshoe crab, starfish, and red crab as well. Meanwhile at the aquarium, we saw all types of animals native to the cape cod area. Some of our favorites include the blue lobster, pufferfish, and toadfish.

We ended our day with a dinner of potato hash and chicken back on campus.

- Emily Power, Saint Ursula Academy and Deni Loh, Brookline High School

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