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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 25, 2015

Not So Lazy Sunday

Marissa Shaw, AB

A cup of sunshine.

Ship's Log

34°33.7’N x 010°45.9’W

Eastern North Atlantic

Overcast skies with approachings squalls

Souls on Board

Hello everyone! It was a busy Sunday aboard the Corwith Cramer. Today was a special day onboard called Staff in the Galley day where members of the staff, other than our fabulous Stewards Nick and Sarah, take a crack at running the galley throughout the day. Craig started the day off strong with delicious pancakes, followed by a glorious morning snack of soft pretzels brought to fruition by Sailing Interns Molly and Kit. Next up for lunch Thrid Mate Eric, 1st Asst. Sci Kelsey, and myself served up some Za (Pizza), and Sailing Intern Gabi and 2nd Asst. Sci Laura treated us all to a Venezuelan afternoon snack of Arepas. Finally to end the evening with a bang, Chief Mate Willy, and 3rd Asst. Sci Janet, produced tantalizing Enchiladas, that had the whole ships’s company talking about food comas and patting their bellies with content. The day was quite a success, and always leaves the members of the staff infinitely more appreciative of the work the stewards do to keep us well fed while out at sea.

Meanwhile on deck and in the lab the normal routines of the day have begun to set in once again after our port stop in Cadiz. The morning science deployment went well, students are truly coming into their own both on deck with sail handling, and in the lab with prepping and running science depolyments as Phase II of the program progresses. Throughout the day squalls rolled through, and the seas built, leaving us all to become accustom to a slightly higher level of the motion of the ocean. However, during a break in the rain this afternoon there were rainbows and smiles to been seen around the ship and some were even lucky enough to catch a mug full of sunshine.

In other news, much of the ship’s company has become enthralled with a number of songbirds, possibly warblers, that seem to have settled on the Corwith Cramer as a pit stop during their winter migration. Observing their behavior, and wondering how they came to seek refuge aboard our ship, has left most feeling a sense of affection towards them-- for their reminder that we are not really alone out on the ocean with no land in sight and that these temporary guests are travellers just as we are, seeking a destination, and using the Corwith Cramer and all she has to offer to get us there. 


P.S- Sending lots of love to everyone in EA and Downunder. Mama, Papi, Chich, Gilli, G&G, Grannie, and the whole Patterson Clan I love and miss you all, and save me some apple cider!

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#1. Posted by Grannie. on October 31, 2015

Wish I could spend a day with you with that menu!!!. It all sounds so tasty and interesting. I’m in no hurry to face my lunch now as lettuce is involved.
Stay safe, wishing you calm seas and clear skies.
Love Grannie.

#2. Posted by Anne-Marie Kern on October 31, 2015

Loved your blog entry -2 weeks from now you will be sipping your apple cider!!  Can’t wait:-) xox Aunt Annie, Uncle Marshall, Emily & Peter



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