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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 03, 2014

New Zealand is exactly like Nebraska… right?

Anna Bute, A Watch, University of Washington

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

First day with all of our Square Sails up! We are quite the sight from the bowsprit!

Ship's Log

Current Position
44° 33.8’ S x 173° 29.5’ E

Beautiful – Clear, Crisp, and Sunny!

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
Sailing down the South Island towards Dunedin with 175° Course Ordered

First, THANK YOU to all of the family and friends that are keeping up with us via our blog and supporting us from afar. I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be spending my 2nd to last quarter of college studying with SEA on a
tall ship… in New Zealand… learning sailing and science (and some engineering) from an amazingly dedicated crew alongside some remarkable peers. Incredible, right? Everyone should get the chance to do this sometime during their lifetime!

Second, for those of you who couldn’t figure it out from my title, I am a proud Nebraskan born and raised. So for your enjoyment I have put together a list of all the ways New Zealand is like Nebraska:

Other than the fact that they have both housed me for a period of my life, the similarities end about there. While Nebraska really is the good life, it is currently in the throes of winter. After the chilly days and evenings we’ve had the past couple days, I am ecstatic that we did not choose to come to New Zealand during their winter. Although, it finally warmed up enough to brave wearing a tank top during morning watch today, which was NUTS (because
I layered almost all the clothes I brought the other night).

Ship Updates:
1. We finally set all of our square sails.  These are used when we are sailing downwind. Up until now, we have only been able to set one of the three square sails because our wind hasn’t always been going the direction we were trying to steer (Check out the picture attached… we look awesome!).

2. We got to watch a baby seal playing in the waves and ship’s wake today before class.  He jumped, swam, and definitely was aware of the ship full of people who were “oohing” and “awing” at his show.

3. We took our first test today! It was a practical exam covering the techniques we’ve been learning in lab the last few weeks.  The crew sure knows how to relieve some test anxiety by having one station be M&Ms to snack on and hilarious “time’s up” announcements between each question.

4. All is well! We are happy, healthy (other than the minor bouts of seasickness), and learning tons!

- Anna

P.S. Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mama! I love and miss you, Dad, and the cousins every day! I can’t wait to celebrate with you when I come home! Also, will you or Dad check me in for my flights at the end of the month? I LOVE YOU!

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#1. Posted by Clifton &MEM; on December 04, 2014

Hi, Kate Morno We miss you & Love You , Can’t wait to see you at Xmas. Love MEM & PEP.

#2. Posted by DJ Jelden on December 04, 2014

I love reading all of the blogs - and hearing about your adventures!  I know you are all loved and missed by your families and friends - and we all can’t wait to hear what comes next!  Your dad and love you very, Anna Bute!!!

#3. Posted by Grace Mangar on December 04, 2014

Hi Roshni
was wondering if you would see any similarities between home and NZ. Undoubtedly Mauritius would be very different to what you are experiencing right now in many respects. The sheer scale of the of the courses, the coastline, the marine species, peer crew interaction and the experiential learning seamlessly woven into the programme.
Longing to hear about this adventure on the seas….hope you will share some pixs with us.
I am enjoying the blog, so do post if you have the opportunity.
Love you

#4. Posted by Alice Harra on December 04, 2014

To all - reading your blogs each morning with coffee has become a nice habit - your photos are Nat Geo-worthy and it’s fun to read about what you are seeing, doing, and eating.

To Nick Matesanz, a gigantic hug!  I have had a good week although battling a little cold.  Soak up that sun while you are there.  We are winding down at Northwestern and each day is filled with some fun times along with an occasional student conference.  We’re taking it a little easier after a very busy fall.  Things pick up again in early January.  Have you ever heard of Seasick Steve?  I was introduced to his music last night, very fun.  I have a little rosemary tree that I am trimming each day, it smells nice.  Well, those are the random notes from home.  Grandma had some surgery but she come through beautifully and is starting to feel better.  She will be moving to a new place soon.  She sounds happy about it, so please send her good thoughts.  Your brothers are very quiet since T’giving so I’m not sure what’s happening but will encourage them to check in with you, too.  With much love, and thanks for sharing the cool trip with us, Mom



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