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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

November 14, 2017

More Training, More Fieldtrips

Ann Robinson, A Watch, Sewanee: The University of the South

The Global Ocean

Ship's Log

Current Position
36° 50’ 26.4” S x 174° 45’ 52.8” E

T-storms then sun

Souls on Board

After a night spent rotating through night watches for the first time, we woke bright and early for breakfast and emergency situation trainings. We rotated through fire, man overboard, and abandon ship practices and succeeded in rescuing Gilbert, our rugby ball, from a cold dip. Around 11, despite the drizzle, we set off for the Auckland War Memorial Museum. After exploring Albert Park, the University of Auckland, and the Auckland Domain, and learning some of their history, we were set loose to roam the museum.

A formidable structure, both inside and out, the museum contains memorials to New Zealanders who fought in both world wars, as well as incredible exhibits on photography, Maori culture, and natural sciences. Overwhelming and informative, we saw everything from skeletons of Moa, an extinct, wingless bird with legs like tree trunks, to Maori artifacts ranging in size from sewing needles to an intricately carved storehouse once belonging to the Maori chief. To use an analogy often referenced these past few days; information was being flung at us like spaghetti being tossed at a wall, some facts sticking and some falling off in the deluge.

Nevertheless, the trip was engaging and added context to our understanding of New Zealand. This afternoon the rain faded to sunshine, some broke off to collect guano from a nearby gannet colony (for science!), while others went to a living history settlement, and others enjoyed a bit of free time.

Hi Mom!

Signing off,


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#1. Posted by Melissa Robinson on November 16, 2017

you had me at flinging spaghetti ... but a shout-out <3



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