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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 15, 2016

Moore Town

Elliott Hiller, Colorado College

Colonel Wallace Sterling speaking with the class.

Ship's Log

Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Souls on Board

Today we took one of our class field trips, all of us piling into a bus, bopping around the streets of Port Antonio and then weaving through the mountains of the rainforest until we arrived at Moore Town. Moore Town is home to the Maroons; in the history books, they are regarded as runaway slaves who ran to the hill tops and were able to establish their own community of free blacks.

The Maroons were not runaway slaves. 'A child fleeing its home is a runaway because the child belongs with its family at home, and in fleeing the place where it resides, the child has runaway. The Maroon people did not belong as slaves on the plantations of Jamaica' the Colonel told us. The Maroons are the free descendants of imported Africans into Jamaica.

The Colonel, or leader of the Maroon community, was a seemingly self-aware, intuitive, mystic person who grabbed our attention by the scruff of the neck. He talked about a lot of things, at times it was tough to keep up with him, but after all was said and done I'm sure each of us walked away with something special from Moore Town.

Following a long discussion session with the Colonel, we took a stroll up the main road of the town, which quickly turned into a path that finally led us to some nice waterfalls. Everyone was able to swim, relax, and cool off for a bit before heading back into town center for a final send-off drum and dance session by some of the generous Maroons.

Not to worry, all your kids are still having fun and we'll be back home soon!

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