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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

October 05, 2016

Meeting Mallorca

Allie Dumas, Kenyon College

The class of C-269 as we leave the great Castillo del Bellver.

Ship's Log

Alongside Porto Pi, Mallorca

Sunny and warm with a welcoming light breeze for our day of exploration. 

Souls on Board

Hello friends and family!

Today I am writing you from the wonderful island of Mallorca at Porto Pi! I am so excited I am able to write to you today because it is one of the first days I have not felt sea sick since we left the port in Barcelona. I have definitely learned the importance of Bonine and water! On a brighter note, today was our first and only full day on the island of Mallorca. I have had such a wonderful time exploring the island that I wish I could stay a few more weeks! For everyone back home to understand how amazing this visit to Mallorca has been so far, I want to explain to you a little of what we did today.

At least once throughout our journey to every port stop we have a day filled with planned exploration. This has been a great way thus far to get to know some of the history of each area before we are set free to explore by ourselves. This journey began with a 6:30am wake up by one of my shipmates on watch, because here on the Corwith Cramer alarm clocks are not needed. On the ship a 6:30am wake up is pretty typical, followed by a 7:00am breakfast. After breakfast, we began our hike to the Castillo del Bellver, and when I say hike, I mean HIKE. I had been told by one of our professors that the trip was going to be about an hour and we would need good walking shoes, but little did I realized that 30mins of this one hour hike was uphill. Despite the hike, the site and history of the area was definitely worth it. When we reached the castle the structure looked square from the outside, but as your entered and walked to the top you could see the structure was completely round. Not only was the site beautiful, but the museum that was inside was very informative. It explained in great detail the development of Mallorca and how it came to be the tourist center we see today.

Later that morning, we hiked our way back down the mountain and visited the Centro Oceanographico de Baleares (C.O.B.). This regional insitute is part of a national network of nine research stations whose purpose is to conduct research on fisheries, coastal pollution, climate change mitigation, and marine biodiversity; among many other marine issues of importance to Spain. This was a great place to visit and speak with local scientists. We learned that the research we perform on the Cramer is very similar to work they do at the Centro Oceanographico de Baleares. I recognized many of the instruments on display in the lobby as part of our tour and was very excited to learn that at least one of our hypotheses was wupported by research being conducted at the C.O.B.. This seems like a lot, I know, but this was just the beginning of our day of exploration. 

The morning ended with some much needed lunch on the ship, and then the journey resumed quickly as all of us hopped on a bus to see the villages of Valldemossa and Porto de S'ller. I was amazed at how beautiful the village of Valldemossa was. It had wonderful old architecture surrounded by enormous mountains filled with olive trees and cute little sheep. As I meandered through the streets I found numerous gardens that were very different from those in the United States, but also very unique and gorgeous. I was sad to say I only had an hour to explore with my shipmates, but the bus tour had to proceed and take us to the wonderful port of S'ller. In this area we could see the water for miles. It seemed like the water was so blue that they had put some sort of dye in it. I can't believe how many beautiful sites this island has to offer and I finally understand why so many tourists wish to come to the island of Mallorca every year.  I definitely will return some day and continue my exploration of Mallorca, but for now I say goodbye to a gorgeous and historical place.

Stay tuned at we begin our journey through the Straight of Gibraltar and to the city of Cadiz!

- Allie

P.S. Hello to my friends and family, hope all is well, and those of my friends traveling abroad, hope your journies have been as great as mine!

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