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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers.

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans



Line chase, dead whales, and sunshine

Talia Brown, A Watch, Duluth East High School
Ocean Exploration

A watch, B watch, C watch and others on deck for sunrise

Ship's Log

Noon Position
40° 12.5’ S x 164° 07.5’ W

Ship Heading
025° PSC

Ship Speed
5 kts


Weather/wind/sail plan
Sailing under four lowers and tops’l, winds force 2 out of the southeast, swells 4ft from the southeast.

Souls on Board

We’re about a quarter of the way through our time on the Seamans, and after some time of seasickness, and nerves about being the people in this (very small) ship community who don’t yet have knowledge of the ship on the forefront of our minds, people are feeling like themselves again. More time has been found for good conversations, sharing music and stories as well as sailing knowledge. The magic of this community is starting to shine through all of the transitions and information and changes that we have been processing for the last week and a half.

This morning, after waking for breakfast, many of us were drawn up on deck to watch a beautiful sunrise on the first clear day in almost a week (!!!). A little while later, even more of us watched in awe as albatrosses, shearwaters, and sharks grazed on a chunk of whale blubber that floated past, under the rising sun and a double rainbow. This afternoon, we got hyped up—with the help of creature feature presentations—for the long-awaited line chase, where we realized that we were more comfortable with the ship that we had thought.

Afterwards, we went right into hauling and easing lines to gybe and set the jib tops’l and fisherman. Working together in the sun, celebrating and recognizing all of the different teachers on the boat—crew and staff, ourselves, the ship, the weather, the ocean—and how much we have learned and have yet to learn from these things was an incredible indicator for the next three-quarters of our journey. 

- Talia

Sending love to Chalet 3 and everyone in Railroad Creek Valley, and to mom, Eli, papa and Griffin in Duluth!

Sarah Whitcher: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Thank you for being your wonderful, unique self- you never cease to inspire. Feel a big HUG from the Pacific! Sending love and hugs to all- perfectly content out here, though wishing I could bring everyone out here, as per usual 

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#1. Posted by Lily Anna Segalman on April 11, 2017

Lily Anna, It looks like you are having blast. I’ so jealous of your trip. Be well and I miss and love you. xxxxoo Dad

#2. Posted by Lorraine Olendzenski on April 11, 2017

Big shout out to A Watch! Thanks for the post – I am following your journey closely and with excitement; looking for position, weather and blog updates every day. I’m so happy you are having some good sailing under reasonable winds and waves.  You all have been through some remarkable things and seem to be handling everything beautifully. Kudos to the captain, crew and students for keeping the Seamans sailing on the ‘highs’.  Wishing you more fair winds as you move north.  Lorraine O., W-64, aka Sammi’s Aunt!

#3. Posted by Patty Beech on April 13, 2017


Wonderful to hear from you!  I can imagine how happy you were to see the sunrise, double rainbow, and all the sea creatures!

You are all truly learning from each other and teaching each other on the ship.  And we are all learning from you as we read this blog!

Smooth sailing… and fair winds! We love you and miss you and are proud of you!  Mom



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