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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 16, 2016

Last Day in Jamaica

Pam de Lange, De La Salle University Manila

Last complete student group photo

Ship's Log

18° 10.825’ N x 76° 27.221’ W

Souls on Board

Being docked in Errol Flynn Marina in Port Antonio, Jamaica for the past two days has been great. We are walking distance from pretty much all the little comforts you take for granted back home: 2 minute walk to a nice beach, a five minute walk to the city center, and a three minute walk to the 3rd best ice cream in the world!!!!!!! (according to some sources and it’s definitely made it in my top 3 favorite ice cream shops now) in a shop called “iScream” where the flavors change daily to keep you coming back for more. And we did. Every day.

Sadly, Aiden (C Watch) flew back to Maine today to recuperate from her knee injury. She’s been such a trooper still doing whatever she could with her duties despite her injury, and we’re all wishing her a safe journey home and a speedy recovery! I also convinced people to take our last complete student and (most of the) crew group picture before Aiden left which just added to more keepsakes for us to remember. Thanks to Christopher for taking the photo for us!

Today was our full day of student exploration in Jamaica- basically our day off from ship duties, all thanks to the crew that stayed behind and keep Mama Cramer in tip top shape while we, students got time to explore and dig deeper into our projects. A few people went on a guided hike that involved learning more about local flora and fauna and agricultural practices on the way to and from some waterfalls, caves and the beautiful mountain tops. Some took a cab ride to Boston Bay to check out that area’s efforts to maintain and build its tourism industry (and where Caroline caught some waves!). Others went on spontaneous adventures that were more focused on ecotourism to springs that cascaded down to what seemed like small waterfalls by following the advice and guidance of licensed guides in Port Antonio.

Cora and I on the other hand, spent the day in Port Antonio. We started by finishing our “errands” which involved finding the post office to send some mail, making sure we had something to bring home for loved ones, and, yes, getting some ice cream. We did all in less than two hours, giving us time to get in some research on our change papers on the way back to the marina area. By 1400 though most people were back in the Marina working on their journals, eating, swimming and just taking time to soak up the culture in this corner of Jamaica on this final afternoon before we prepare for the last leg of our trip--7 full days at sea as this amazing journey comes to an end in Boca Chica.

Sending love from Jamaica.
Goodnight, world!


PS: Happy 18th birthday to one of my bestest friends, Pie (her real name is Pia haha), and the little sister I never had. and hope you have an amazing birthday. And shout out to my baby boy, Fifi! + the rest of my family (duh), and dad, Sam Wright sends his regards back (lol). See you all in April!

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#1. Posted by Elliot hiller on March 21, 2016

Great trip and learning exp.  welcome home



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