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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

March 04, 2015


Emma Colman, B Watch, Knox College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Above: Wellington by night. Below: Conor, Jill, Eleah and Jenny lead the class across a swing bridge to Rivendell in Kaitoke Regional Park.

Ship's Log

Queens Wharf, Wellington, New Zealand

Souls on Board

I don't write to you from the desktop computer of the ship. I simply couldn't, it didn't feel right. No, I am scribbling this down along the shore of Wellington's Harbor- Where the tide is coming in and people are strolling by. It is a lovely night and was an impeccable day. We rose in the early hours of the morning (as per usual) then packed our bags for a forest adventure. Amongst our countless blessings, we are fortunate enough to have onboard two people doing a project that led us to Kiatoke National Forest. Matt Silvia and Maravilla Clemens are studying the impact that the filming of the "Lord of the Rings" movies has had on New Zealand's tourism economy, rendering a trip to the filming location (Kaitoke) essential to our list of destinations. On what was scheduled to be our free day in Wellington, the entire class (+ 2 crew) took advantage of the opportunity to go tramping about the hills of 'Elrond's House.'

Maravilla and Matt organized a tour for the first few hours and for the next coupleof hours we were turned loose to explore on our own terms. Molly Lefanowicz and I were entertained by fighting ducks, a napable shoreline, and hiking trails that offered us a stretch of leg we don't get much of on the Seamans. We returned to port and from there, people dispersed, seeking clean shirts, internet, and food along our favorite new strip--Cuba Street.

Moments alone are few and far between. I sit alongside the harbor because I just descended from a trek to a peak on Mt. Victoria. The view of Wellington is magnificent. Even better is knowing that each night, instead of returning to a hostel or hotel along a bustling street, I get to make my way back to the water- Where I rise and fall with the tide and wake to an ever-changing view out my bunk's porthole. As I wrote this in my shoreline solitude, multiple shipmates passed me by en route home. One stopped and sat with me, we listened to waves lapping and he dragged me away from my journal to ensure we got one ride down the park slide before curfew. (Christina Daldorff, you have a hilarious and kind-hearted son.)

We now sit eating bonbons atop the main stays'l, living the rough life all you parents reading out there have burdened us with.

I don't think anyone would object to me saying a case of homesickness is on the horizon. What we are doing out here is a trying feat and beyond incredible. I am constantly assaulted with the most stunning of views at the earliest of hours, making dawn watch worth every moment. However, the scent of sunscreen keeps seeping into the depths of my memory--calling forward the recollection of days when my dad would paint my face with kid's purple-colored Coppertone.

On that note, I am going to go stand my watch and gaze at the nearly full moon, missing my mother, yet appreciating the dwindling moments I have left with this motley bunch of amazing seamen.

Oh one more thing- Shout outs to my dog .Mama, Father, brother & sister. I miss you all beyond words, but I'll return soon enough. Also to my homies back at Knox, I doubt you'll read this but nevertheless, keep it real in the Burg.

- Emma

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#1. Posted by Cathy GEIB on March 05, 2015

Great post Emma! Even though I am speaking with Claudia in WiFi land it is great to hear the voice of her shipmates!

#2. Posted by Janelisa Williams on March 06, 2015

Envious of your field trip!! Can’t wait to see pictures

#3. Posted by Jai Lust on March 09, 2015

Daaaw. I miss you and can’t wait to hear all about this trip!! You rising early every morn’ makes me chuckle.
Love you lil mama!

#4. Posted by Jordan on March 09, 2015

So proud!!love, Jordi

#5. Posted by Pendy on March 09, 2015

Hey EC .... This is a beautiful read. I felt like I was with you enjoying the moon and solitude while you were in your hideaway on the other side of the world. Im always thinking of you and wishing you wild adventures alone with your incredible education you are receiving. I love you ~mom



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