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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

July 20, 2018


Cody Hoff, A Watch, Willamette University


Above: Fellow classmate Andy having fun playing soccer with local kids. Below: Lagoon inside Kanton Island. Photos by Nate Johnson

Ship's Log

Current Position
2°48.4’S x 171°42.8’W (Kanton Island)

Sail Plan
Currently docked from 7/20-7/22

A little bit of a breeze but warm and mostly clear with some clouds

Souls on board

It has officially been two weeks since we departed Honolulu and set sail for the Phoenix Islands Protected Area in Kiribati. After seeing nothing but open ocean and passing by Endurbury Island yesterday for 1900 miles we have made it to Kiribati, specifically Kanton Island where we were finally able to set foot on stable ground for the first time in what seems like an extremely long time. I speak for the rest of the students and crew in saying that we are excited to get in the water to go snorkeling in the next few days as well as having a normal sleep schedule which has been difficult with.  The process of preparing for arriving at Kanton Island took a lot more work and energy than I realized. It took the whole crew most of the afternoon, but with the motivation and excitement of everyone working hard we were able to get everything done and then waited for the Kiribati Customs to clear all of us since we are in a different country.

After we officially got cleared, our captain, chief scientist, and crew informed us of what we cannot take on any of the islands we will visit and not to bring anything on the ship as well as these islands are protected and they want to continue to keep them that way. After our meeting most of us went on to the island to walk around the area. There were a group of students that were playing soccer with a group of the local children which looked like a lot of fun for everyone. I walked down the main road with a few of the other students and the first thing we noticed was the incredible amount of hermit crabs there were and they were everywhere that ranged in size. We also took a small trail that leads to the lagoon and the water is just so clear and warm it blows my mind. We walked even further to this area where a storm took out the main road and there is all this dried up coral that will have you gazing for hours. This island is just truly astounding to me that there are less than 30 people that live here and they just live off the land with no stores or anything and our ship is one of only a few the local people will see all year.

Thank You,

- Cody Hoff, A Watch, Willamette University

Shoutouts: To my family in Southern California, thanks for all your love and support in order to make this trip happen. It is something that is more than I expected and have learned a lot. I didn't get seasick or sunburnt and I'm looking forward to getting in the water as it has been torture being close to water these past 2 weeks without being able to go in. To my friends in California and Oregon, thanks for your help as well and I'm having a lot of fun especially being away from civilization and people even though I am living a lot closer with the people I'm on the boat with. To all my friends in various states across the U.S. and different countries, I'm having the time of my life and hope you are able to read these and if not I will update you once I get back to the states. For now just know I am doing well, learning a lot, and most of all HAVING FUN!!

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