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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 01, 2014

Joyeux Anniversaire To Me

Marine Lebrec, C Watch, University of Washington

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

South Island straight ahead!

Ship's Log

Current Position
42°31.049’S x 173° 52.861’E

Hail, rain, sun, and cold Antarctic winds

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
Course ordered is 185, sailing along the east coast of the South Island

We are all so excited to be back in the routine of being at sea, which means taking four naps per day, eating the best foods, and sailing around beautiful New Zealand. Although many of us are feeling seasick, I am impressed by how motivated we all are to work hard while on watch.

Today marks a pretty special day for me - I turn 21 today (although it is still November 30th back home). I never thought I would be spending my 21st on a tall ship sailing around New Zealand, but here I am! I started this eventful birthday with four hours in the engine room learning about generators, the sewage system, freshwater makers, how to do an oil change for some of the machinery, and gained a bunch more knowledge on how this ship functions. Shout out to Ted for answering all my dumb questions concerning basic physics concepts. Another momentous part of my day had to be my birthday apple pie crumble, created by the food wizard we have on board, Vickie. Thanks to everyone on this trip for making this a very special birthday!

While I was warm and dry in the engine room, the rest of my watch was working hard on deck facing the freezing Antarctic winds while doing science deployments and safely navigating the ship as we begin our descent down the
east coast of the South Island! We were welcomed by incredible snow-capped mountains right along the coastline and an insane number of seabirds. It is currently clearing up, but we experienced hail and rain earlier today. The
wind should shift to the north in the next few days and become weaker, meaning I may be able to wear less than five layers at a time and I can work on my summer tan.

We are still relatively close to land, and we are all excited to see some more great wildlife including megafauna and seabirds. Students are working hard on projects as many deadlines are fast approaching. We are also
beginning to shadow our mates, meaning that we will soon be leading our watches, either on deck or in the lab!

P.S. Bonjour maman, papa, et toute la famille! Vous me manquez beaucoup. A tres bientot pour Noel!

- Marine

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#1. Posted by Nick X Matesanz on December 02, 2014

Hi Nick
My last day in New England today with a 5 pm
Flight out of Providence back to Chicago.
Sat out in the backyard w/ Lala Monday as temps
Reached the mid 60’s. Did some needed yard work.
Jim came to visit w/ a Papa Gino’s pizza
Jorge showed for dinner. It’s been a good visit
But I’m ready to head home and setup the
Xmas tree to the sounds of the Messiah.
What an old fart you have for a father!
Sounds from marine’s blog and heading south
It will get a bit chilly. Hope y brought sufficient

#2. Posted by Grace Mangar on December 04, 2014

Hi Roshni
miss hearing from you. Hope you are safe and enjoying your voyage.



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