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SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 01, 2015

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Travis Terrell Ramos, B-Watch, Colorado School of Mines

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

Nick and Maya laying out on the headrig - enjoying the small moments.

Ship's Log

Noon Position
33° 14.5’ S 174° 52.6’ E

Description of location
119.5 nm NE of North Cape, NZ.

Ship Heading
200 PSC

Ship Speed
4 kts

Taffrail Log
600.3 nm

Weather / Wind / Sail Plan (from 1300 Watch Change)
Sailing on four lowers and topsl’ with a shallow reefed main on a port tack beam reach. Winds E x N F4 Beaufort. Seas ESE 4’. Clear skies with barometer at 1026.1. Main engine off.

Souls on Board

Ahoy all –

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Now time to break out the Christmas spirit! The company abroad the Robert C. Seamans has already begun to indulge in the holiday flavors through Santa Claus coffee mugs, decorations, and carols. The “creature feature” from the science report during class today themed around a Christmas carol, even though the base of it was for learning about an octopus that was caught in one of the meter net tows. I must say they did a great rendition of a holiday classic while Griffin sported a red lobster hat and Lucy a very colorful squid hat.

We have now hit the top of our cruise track, making it to subtropical waters, and are heading back in the direction of New Zealand. People are seasick and such, but everyone holds each other up. I have come to realize how supportive of a community this ship is. Though we may not be feeling well to do our duties for the day, there is always someone there willing to step up to take your responsibilities and someone else right there as well to ask you if there is anything you need. This ship is not just a group of individuals sailing around, it is collective effort of people who truly live out the code: ‘ship, shipmate, self’.

With the holiday time rolling around, I’ve started to think about what I would be doing with my family in preparation for Christmas and others have thought about their own traditions at home as well. It makes us miss home at times. It makes us miss our loved ones even more so often. But I had a brief exchange with Mark, our academic coordinator, on the quarterdeck over a Pacific Ocean sunset. I asked him about missing his family during his favorite time of year, and he responded that he did miss them but that “in choosing this sacrifices were to be made and you live for the moments like this”. It made me appreciate that we chose this for the experience of a lifetime and that it has been just that. Not everyone gets to sail, sing Christmas carols and look at ocean sunsets. I have come to appreciate everything in the moment, for all the time we have seems to run together now. The days seem undistinguishable but the memories we make serve as our bookmarks.

Often I just close my eyes on deck and listen. I hear the wind blowing past my ears, the sails catching the gusts, the lines creaking in tension, the waves sloshing the sides of the ship, and the whitecaps rolling in the sea. I think about how lucky we are for this time and how fortunate we are to share this experience. But also how fortunate we are to have families and friends to go back home to during the holidays to tell of adventures. You all are missed, loved, and thought about often. Know we are well, becoming seamen, and living in the moment. Sending our love back home.

Cheers to a blissful season,

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