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Current position of the SSV Robert C. Seamans. Click on the vessel to view position history. Use the tools, top right, to change the map style or view data layers. Dates and times use GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

SEA Currents: SSV Robert C. Seamans

December 02, 2014

It’s a nick-nack Patty Whack, give the frog a loan

Kendall Marie Reinhart, A Watch, Dartmouth College

The Global Ocean: New Zealand

The cloud-like mountain range we woke up to this morning. Few views can compare.

Ship's Log

Current Position
42° 53.9’S X 173° 35.6’E

Sun is happy, sky is clear, and temperature is chilly as we are practically in Antarctica… kidding (only slightly).

Sail Plan & Course/Speed
The Robert C. Seamans is currently sailing south over the Chatham Rise, course ordered 175.

First things first: THANK YOU across the global ocean and back to all of you who made this once-in-a-lifetime voyage possible for us ! It has been an extraordinary adventure that we will never forget.

Hello Folks!

I am pleased to report that my shipmates and I have all mastered the salty sailor. We left Wellington Harbor just over forty-eight hours ago, and we are all happy to be under way again. We plan to arrive in Dunedin in less than a week’s time.

As we stumble from “port stop stupids” (forgetting key sea skills after being docked at port) into our Junior Watch Officer training, we continue to learn more about life at sea with the passing of each watch cycle. Some things have become part of our daily routines, such as how to successfully eat on gimbled tables and remembering to always put the toilet lid down, whereas other things continue to inspire the “Awww” inside of us, encouraging us to contemplate the difference between dreaming and reality and if such a divide really exists.

A Watch saw a moonbow the night before last – a white light arched over the unsettled seas in a sky of vast darkness. Busy in S.C.I.E.N.C.E., and on our various deck positions (lookout, helm, shadow, etc.), the sight presented us with one of those moments where you hear a whisper in your ear telling you to soak it all in, everything at once - no judgments, no fear - to just simply SEE and FEEL. It was beautiful.

Each and every one of us has an overflowing hands-full worth of stories and sightings such as the moonbow that I am sure will make it to your ears upon return home. I wish I could better describe to you the magic intertwined with what our eyes have seen.

To recap today’s specifics: C Watch woke A Watch up for Dawn Watch twenty minutes prior to being expected on deck. IT WAS FREEZING! My watchmates and I, all bundled up - layers upon layers (some of us wearing all we brought with us) - took the deck. Just before dawn, pretty white cumulus clouds appeared above the coastline. As we looked closer, we realized our mistake. The clouds exposed themselves to be a snow-covered mountain range (depicted in the photo above). We continue to watch the mountains recede into the horizon dead astern. Our chef, Vickie, along with Breezy, who has been the assistant steward today, made a delicious breakfast of oatmeal with various toppings and compotes. A Watch slept, B Watch went aloft, and C Watch slept as well. Many of us have been pleasantly surprised by the awesomeness of our slumbers. During class time this afternoon, one of our Assistant Scientists, Julia, received her Secret Santa gift: a song written by a secret author and performed by Karissa. Captain Rick told his joke of the day. (The title of this post is the punch line from the joke.) Heather, Ali, and Laina presented their science report, time flew, and now I am sitting here in the saloon writing to all of you with my shipmates hustling and bustling about in front of me. They all say hello.

And I ate my first Ramen!

Fair winds!

P.S. Hi Mom and Dad and Cooper and Trevor and Daisy and Stella! Life is great and boys, watch out (!) because I am going to kick your booties at sailing this summer. I love you, and I am thinking about you always!

- Kendall

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#1. Posted by Emily Helgerson on December 02, 2014

Hello, my question is what is one fear you have at sea?

#2. Posted by Dad on December 02, 2014

What a fantastic experience and you’re right, just SEE and FEEL…soak it all in! Memories for a life time. XOXO

#3. Posted by Cooper on December 02, 2014

Great to hear from you and hope the rest of your journey is filled with laughter and learning. To address the sailing this summer. As you may have experienced this trip you have forgotten that your brother has been training for his coast guard certified launch operator licenses as well as his sailing skills so you better bring all you’ve got. Can’t wait for you to come back and tell all of your stories which I’m sure will reach both reality and fiction as they usually do. Iana says hello and hopes that you are doing well too. Hope to hear from you again soon. Make it back in one piece and have your wits about you.

Love, your brother Cooper

#4. Posted by Susan Reinhart on December 02, 2014


Wow….Moonbows must be truly magical.  Thanks for the update.  We all miss you madly!  Mom

#5. Posted by Hillary Matthews on December 03, 2014

KANDLE! CANDLE! KINDERS! KINNOW! (aka Kendall Reinhart)

Your mom forwarded us your fantastic email and the link to this blog post. I love hearing about this crazy amazing adventure you’re having—it sounds beautiful and fun and educational and mind-blowing and mind-expanding.  I’ve told some people you’re living on a boat for a semester and they go, “Ohhh right” and I go, “No, not that one.”

Please remember the first part of this joke to tell me at Christmas because the punchline has piqued my interest.


Love you, miss you!

#6. Posted by Grace Mangar on December 04, 2014

Love and miss you Roshni….Mum

#7. Posted by Jane Gordon on December 04, 2014

Thank you so much for sharing, Kendall. These are great experiences and I love living (at least a little bit) vicariously through your tellings! Enjoy the rest of your time on the high seas and hope to see you sooner rather than later.



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