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June 26, 2017

Inspiring Adventure

Kayla-Marie Jones, Tuskegee University

SEA Semester

View of another sailing vessel from the Ardelle

I have been in Woods Hole for PEP for about 3 weeks now. I had applied because I was the top in aquatics at Tuskegee University and so far it has been a real adventure of education!

This Friday the PEP students and I went to Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office (GARFO) in Gloucester, Massachusetts. We heard presentations about ocean acidification, scallop production and how to take care of marine animals. My favorite presentation was the about animal care and how there are some marine animal veterinarians at the center. It inspired me to want to explore more career options in that area.

After our visit to GARFO we boarded a ship called the Ardelle and learned how to let sails down how a sail boat crew functions. We also learned about the beach environment and I decided to make a clean - up day for Garbage Beach in Woods Hole on a Saturday. I will let you know next post about how that went!

The next day was equally exciting; we went to see whales in Provincetown and learn about their behavior and habitat. Unfortunately, we didn’t see too many whale on our whale watching trip, but later on that day we went to a Portugal festival in town where we got to share in the cultures and dances of the community. We also had the privilege of learning the dances and to see the different outfits. The town was very artistic looking and welcoming. I plan on visiting there again with family members because they were so interested when I told them about it.

- Kayla-Marie

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